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Having problems with my canon Eos 5d Mark 2 camera-need Advice

New Contributor

Hi all i have issuses with my Canon Eos Mark 2!! 


the problem is that i turns on and the dials and functions works but but it can´t find any card info where the image count box is not even when there is no card in! and the screen is black!  the camera functions works normaly fockusing and all but when i press the shutter to take photos nothing just pips ??  any clue have tried 4 diffrent cards and two diffrent batteries ??


best Ómar 


Respected Contributor

Which camera do you have? Canon has made many models with a “Mark 2”. 


EOS 1D Mark II.

EOS 1Ds Mark II

EOS 5D Mark II

EOS 7D Mark II

EOS 6D Mark II


My guess is you have a 5D Mark II because it is an older model and there were lots of them sold.

Mike Sowsun
80D, 5D Mk III

hi yes its an 5d mark 2


Your question is a little hard to understand possibly due to language and spelling. 


Have you had the camera for a long time? Has it always worked properly before?


Do your photos display properly on your rear LCD screen?


Can you take any new photos at all? If not, Try manual focus. 

Mike Sowsun
80D, 5D Mk III

hi yes i had it from 2012! and has worked very well all the time until yesterday 😕  it has a black screen and i cant turn on the back menuscreen at all but the top smal infosceen works fine and every dial function there. exc the box that shows the image count is blank. a can focus both manual and auto and pips when it finds it focus but wont take a photo and doesnt show any error code 😕 ?  i tried 3 diffrent memorycards and 2 diffrent batteries and nothing? 

If the rear LCD screen is not working at all,  the camera will need to be serviced.

Mike Sowsun
80D, 5D Mk III

Your 5D2 is done.  Buy another camera.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

@MikeSowsun wrote:

Your question is a little hard to understand possibly due to language and spelling. ...

To expand on Mike's point ...

If you're unsure of your English, try posting in your own language as well. Someone may be able to translate for you. I think this forum encompasses a fairly polyglot group of participants, so you may be surprised at what we can do.


Because virtually everyone in the U.S. speaks either English or Spanish, it's often assumed that that we're linguistically enfeebled, compared to the rest of the world. But that's really an oversimplification. It's worth remembering that despite occasional political pressures to adopt one, the U.S. does not have an "official" language.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

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I don't fully understand your question either but from what I do gather from it is not good.  Plus you may not know Canon does not service the 5D Mk II any longer.  I believe yours does need repair so you will need to search out a shop to do so.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!