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Inexpensive wide(er) angle lens?

I fish and we take a lot of in-the-boat fishing pics before we toss them back in. Is there a good prime lens for this? That's not a ton of dough? I want to make it simple for the photographer. If taking the DSLR isnt practical I will just stick with ...

Cheech by Apprentice
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Tokina 800mm F8 manual lens

I was on ebay one day and sore a 500mm lens going cheap for around £100 I thought its worth a look. When it turned up it was a 800mm F8 lens had some fungus but the seller cleaned it for me. What do you guys think I made a video of it please tell me ...

telephoto which to use and get 500mm???

Sigma 150-600mm F6.3 Sport-(at 320mm your F stop is at 5.6)Sigma 150-600mm F6.3 C (at 387mm your F stop is at 5.6)Sigma Prime 500mm F4.5 none OS APO DG HSMCanon 500mm is/mark2 (too expensive for me)Tamron 150-600mm F6.3 (380mm your F stop 5.6)Canon P...

extenders mark 1

can any one tell me the difference from the mark 1 /2/3 ??? i bought a 1.4x 2x mark 1 extenders cheap from japan is the mark one really so much worse than the mark 2 and 3 is it worth upgrading. no one seems to know???

which telephoto lens should i get?

Hello GuysFor some time I have wanted to get a telephoto lens which is very close to 500mm without spending well over £2000. So what are my options well there are many to choose from ranging from F4-F8 and its hard to know here in this little discuss...

Best 2nd Lens for a 70D?

 I recently bought a Canon 70D that came with an 18-135 mm lens. I can afford to get one additional lens right now, and I'm curious what 2nd lens people would recommend?  My first inclination was the get something as different as possible to the kit ...

Resolved! 50mm 1.8 Focus Drifts

I like dabbling with astrophotography occasionally, and I'd like to try out my 50mm lens. But if I try to manually focus on something to infinity and then taking a timelapse of the stars, I usually only get 5 or 6 photos before my lense focus has dri...

Priblem with 27-70 L USM ii f2.8

Hi!, i recently bought a new 24-70 L ii USM f/2.8, i used to have the same one but got stolen, thats why i replaced it. The problem is that it feels like this one doesnt have as much light as the other one. I have to put the ISO quite high even in 2....

Resolved! MTF charts

Is there a link where you can see MTF charts for different Canon lenses? I found some references to some of the older lenses but would like to see charts for the newer ones. Canon doesn't seem to provide them on their own pages for purchasing the len...

Wide angle lens rental recommendation for t5

Hi,  I'm a newbie with t5 kit  and 50 mm lens.  Leaving in 7 days for a 2-week va-k in Barcelona and Paris.  I live in NYC and am hoping that I can rent a wide angle lens before my trip.  Any suggestions as to which rental company and lens I should g...

EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM

Hi.  I am considering purchasing either the Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM lens or the Sigma 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM lens.   I'm looking for anyone that can tell me more about either of these lenses & their own personal experience with t...

Resolved! Lenses for my eos 1000f

I was given an EOS 1000f film camera a few years ago and I'm currently trying to get a portrait/normal lens for it. I've been scouring the internet without much success in terms of finding out if new lenses are compatible with this old camera. Everyw...

Rhl94 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Lens Repair

Hello all.  My issue is that I stupidly left one of my lenses (50mm 1.4) outside and it got rained on.  We sent it to Canon for a repair estimate and were told $150 to get to a certain point and only then would they know if something additional neede...

OATT by Apprentice
  • 12 replies
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