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my canon mx892 will not print because of error U052.


our canon mx892 will not print due to error U052.  i followed all of the suggested steps for this problem related to an MX700 but it did not correct the problem. now what?


I have replaced the printhead, following your instructions, several times but the error message still occurs and will not let me even use the menu button.  The red light on the "M" ink cartridge blinks slowly instead of staying on solid.  By the way, your instructions left out a step:  remove all the ink cartridges before lifting the print head lock lever.  


This error message came on as i was using the printer to print and i had not removed the print head or replaced any cartridges.

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Can a Brother get an AMEN !!!

reposting a fix that does not work is insulting.  This is a cronic problem and Canon is just letting us twist in the wind. 

Has one person come back to you saying the your post helped them????  I bet it's zero.  pretty insulting

You got that right

@steenth wrote:

Has one person come back to you saying the your post helped them????  I bet it's zero.  pretty insulting


So, is canon doing anything about this?   I've only had this printer for 16 months and have never had this issue on any other unit before.  What's up canon?

I have tried every thing you have suggested and all I get is the error message, seems like this is programed into the printer, why should the print head prevent the printer from being used as a scanner, this is very dissapointing.  I am 74 years old and find this very hard to believe.  I am the only one using this printer and rarely print anything, I do use it as a scanner but almost never print.  I have now a unit, MX892, that is completely useless, the warranty is expired and I have accumilated about 25 spare ink cartridges that are now worthless.


This was the very best printer I ever owned and I was proud of it, now I think Canon is a rip off company finding ways to make sure people have to buy new equipment when they should not have to, I have been buying Canon products since I got into photography in the '50s and always trusted Canon, but after reading and experiencing this "wrong print head" error message U052 I am changing my mind about Canon.  I will pray for you, and in short while I'll be in Heaven asking the Lord to give you the grace to treat people with Love and fairness.


 God bless and guide you



Did anyone ever get ANY positive response from Canon?  Surely this great company will come up with a solution pleasing to all.

God bless


The response I got from Canon was: "Buy a new printer.  We'll give you 10% off the list price as part of our Customer Loyalty Program."  Of course, Amazon and Staples sell the same printer for 50% off the list price, so loyal customers pay a lot more.  I doubt the class action suits will do much better.

Did anyone every find a fix to the U052 error?  Or am I out of luck and have to buy a new printer?

Buying a new printer is probably your cheapest option. You could pay $75 for a new printhead, but the problem is almost certainly in the printer itself, which will cost you $200 to fix.

Better just to pay $96 for a new Canon MX922 on Amazon. Or if you've had enough of Canon, buy a Brother MFC-J470DW for $79.