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ip 8500 wrong washed out colors


Hello to you all!

I have a pixma ip 8500 printer which started to print washed out colors. It happens even when printing text documents. I have  cleaned the print head and deep cleaned it. Then I cleaned the print head with warm water to unclogg it but the problem persisted. I have photographed the nozzle check, the printhead alignment check and a short text document to show what is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

As you see the green, blue, and yellow letters are washed out as is the black outline.

The black letters are also washed out, and the red outline renders as yellow.

The red letters render as strong yellow and the the black outline is washed out as well.

Thank you in advance.

.nozzle check_20210808.jpgprint head alignment_20210808.jpg

short text.jpg



Hi again,

I managed to fix the red color rendered as yellow problem by letting the printer turned off for two days, then replacing the ink cartidges and voila!

All the colors are back again. The problem now is the black which renders as fainted gray.

Do you think that this issue can be solved? And how?

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