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Solid orange light. Pixma iP7220


I have looked all throuh the user manual and the only reference I can find to the error light is for a blinking orange.  They don't even mention a solid orange light.


Other day just relocated printer to a different shelf.  When plugged it all back in I had a solid orange light. Pessed power button then both white and ornage are now solid and can no longer get any response from printer.


PC devices show it as grayed out.


I unplugged and went about my day. Couple days later plugged power back in and it worked fine. Replace one low ink carteridge and printed a couple of things.


Now any time I try to use again I get the same solid orange light described above.


I could not find any updated info on Canon web site that addresses the omission in their user guide re solid warning light.


Appears to be no 'reset' of any kindand not aword on what the cause or solution is.

Unlike Brother which will provide lifetime help on the phone Canon want's $19 with no assurance they can fix a problem. Do they refund your money if they cannot solve the issue?


This, until this week, has been a great and reliable printer.


Anyone else have this problem and how did you resolve it.


Thanks for your feedback.


Does anyone from Canon read these posts or do they ignore customers entirely?

Seems with 16 views at least one of those might have been a Canon rep.