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PIXMA G3060 Wireless Scanning

First I don't see the model listed in the G seriesThe issue is I can't get it to scan wrirelessly.  Printer works fine, I try the J lite (or what ever that is) and when I try select printer it will not find it.  It finds my old printer that I dont ha...

Resolved! MP560 won't print black ink

My MP560 stopped printing black text.  Ink cartridges are full.  Test pattern prints all colors perfectly.  But when I print a doc from my PC or laptop only the colored text prints. I've used the Utilities meno to do a clean and deep cleaning.  No he...

Nate58 by Apprentice
  • 27 replies

G7020 Photo prints are faded

After using my G7020 Pixma to print great color photos for 8 months, the photos I print now are faded.  All ink receptacles are full.  I ran the troubleshooter, but it found no problems.  I'm using the same photo paper I have used in the past.   It p...

Sherf by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

G3270 Not Printing Correct Page Size

Hello,I recently set up a new G3270 MegaTank Printer.  The set up went correctly and my computer recognized the printer just fine.  When I went to print an image, it printed far to the left and on the right was a lot of space.  I checked my settings ...

PIXMA TS9521C scanning with streaks

Hello. My PIXMA TS9521C is scanning with streaks and has ever since I got it on Christmas. It does not do it with everything, and at first I saw it only doing it with nonmatte paper so I figured that was why. However, as you see below its doing it wi...

examp2.PNG examp.jpg

PIXMA MG3620 Paper Jam & Blurry Printing

My MG 3620 nothing but junk. Paper jams blurry printing, just don’t have time for all these problems. it should just work. Will going back to HP and deal with the high ink prices. This unit was a poor upgrade. Money lost lesson n learned 

Dlangerk by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Does Pixma MX492 save data internally when scanning

I am discarding a Pixma MX492 multifunction inject printer before I do I am trying to find out if the unit has saved any data internally when scanning documents and if so how to delete it before disposal.  Does it save data.  I have never used the fa...

bobfrost by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Can’t find Pixma 280 Model

Hello, I’m currently trying print a few things out and I can’t find the Model info anywhere. I checked the front and all sides of it and I just can’t find it. If anybody could help me, thank you.

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