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Canon PIXMA iP110 not working with Mac OS Big Sur


Ever since I updated by Mac OS to Big Sur (11.5), I lost my Canon iP110 in the list of printers in System Preferences. When I try to re-add it, it doesn't find it on the network, and when I go to download the latest drivers here, the most recent one is dated 10/2/20, and it's not for Big Sur.


So I have no way to use my printer right now.


I've noticed people in other forums complaining about this same issue, and there doesn't seem to be a fix yet. Does Canon plan to address this? Has anyone found a workaround?




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello there,


If the printer does not appear when you click the + in printers and scanners, it would mean the Mac can't see the printer's connection. Even if the drivers were not installed, you would be able to add the printer using Mac's built in airprint driver system.


In this situation, I would suggest checking the printer's network connection to see why the printer can't be seen. You can print the network settings using the steps in the in the link HERE. If the connection is inactive, you would need to reconnect the printer to your network. If the printer has an active connection, you can try unplugging your router from the power for 5 seconds and checking if your Mac is connected to the same SSID as the printer.

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