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canon smartbase MP360

I am having trouble with my printer it is not printing or photocoping it does scan I have tried everything cleaning the nozzle the ink cartaridge and checked all the leads and connections but nothing seems to help. can any one please advise me.Thank ...

MX455 Printer/Fax: Fax always answers

I just bought the MX455 and am starting to regret it. At first I hooked up the printer to a wall line and an extension and set it up for Tel/Fax mode. But the fax answered every call - including voice calls. I've been playing with the settings and co...

Pixma3100 offline problem

I am using Windows 8 and just started having tthe problem of the printer seeming to go offline by itself.  A few days ago it was working fine.  I do have a USB cable connnected to it but not sure if I am printing wirelessly or  with the cable.  I hav...

Pixma 410 scanning and printing

I scanned a 4.75" x4.75" picture.Then I imported it to my pc pictures.When I printed it only about 2/3 of the picture came out and it took up the entire 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper.Is this a settings issue?

dnel57 by Apprentice
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MG3510 cannot conect to a Eltel et5300

Hi everyone, sorry if this post is repeated. I bought a Canon MG3510, but i cannot conect it with the wireless router in the house. I put the information of the net via IJ Network Tool, but the adress always is, and when i put it manually, do...

Pixma MX922 tray hard to open

I've been using this machine for a few months with no problems but now the bottom paper tray is nearly impossible to open. I have to push it in and out, wiggle it, shake it, etc, numerous times before it pops open. I've examined the tray and the prin...

MP620 keeps disconnecting from network

I have an MP620 connected to a wifi network. Laptop is running Windows 8. Printer has always been reliable but has recently started to disconnect itself from wifi network. Each time it happens I reinstall the drivers and it reconnects temporarily, bu...

cathypee by Apprentice
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