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Model 5700 not printing

I have a Pixma 5700, 6 months old. When I turned it on this morning, all was normal, reset ready to pring. I sent a text to the printer and it acted normal, (all the normal noises) but when it came time to print it spit out blank paper. i checked the...

papercut by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Printer head alignment problem ip8750

I just bought an ip8750 printer to replace another ip8750. After printer head alignment there were some lines in the printed bars. On printing photos I could see some lines. I tried to do manual printer head alignment and saw that I needed to adjust ...

cyan and yellow won't print on Pixma

I have a Pixma TS9020.  I have all new ink, but everything prints pinkish from the magenta cartridge. I have cleaned the print heads (3x), deep cleaned the print heads and ran the print alignment.  No luck.  The cartridges are new cannon and show a f...

My computer won't detect my canon printer

 I tried to install my new PIXMA MG 2220. It gets all the way to the end of the install. I am then told to plug in the printer. At first it says printer detected then it says printer not detected. I have even downloaded the Easy-Web EX plug in. When ...

dametre by Apprentice
  • 16 replies

Resolved! How do I get my Pixma MX492 to scan

I downloaded the drivers but I don't see anything for scanning. I had the icon before but I changed my wireless password. I deleted all canon icons and started over. Now I can print but there is no icon for scanning.

MG7500 not working

Hi. MG 7500 worked fine until we added Ricoh Laser printer to PC.  Now it will, at most, print a few lines at top of page. Sometimes it churns out blank paper or some random page that no-one has selected to print. What do you suggest? 

ruthorne by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

MX700 Print Head Not Installed Just Appeared

Canon MX700 print head not installed is the error. Cleaned, reseated etc. etc. no luck. Suspect the 35v 220 uF capacitor(?) that can be seen in empty print head cradle --(via a slot -- suspiciously visible and readable)-- blew or something similar is...

dvebyd by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Scanner stopped working MG6320

Hello, I have MG6320 printer set up wireless using the WiFi with Mac OS10.14.2 Mojave. The printer always works but the scanning stopped working yesterday all of sudden...using IJ Scan Utility. The printer selection doesn't appear on the scanner sele...

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