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Why are there two black ink cartridges in PIXMA MX922 ?


Pixma MX922 has two black cartridges, one's big and the other is the size of the color cartridges ? When one gets low, then I have to replace it, it doesn't "switch" to use the other one which has plenty of ink. Why is that ?


What's the point of having two black cartridges ?




But do you realize that your big blank ink tank sits idle while your small one runs out constantly?

I have the opposite problem.  The PGBK tank keeps running out while the BK tank never seems touched.  I get the multi-tank packets from Costco and have about 7 BK tanks that have not been opened.  How can I use up the BK tanks?

Honestly you’re the first person I’ve ever heard that from. Usually after people use a different printer like I’ve got my dad and family to use HB, they swear off the canon. It runs through Ink insane.

Sorry I didn’t mean sound negative. But that’s great for you I hope it works out for you.

I was once told that the smaller black cartridge was also used when printing double sided text.


I still get an error when one black cartridge runs out. When it does, the window on the printer also shows an error but there is a "button" that says 'ok'. If you tape that on the little printer screen it allows you to go ahead and print. This was not always the case and I believe it may be part of a software update. I may be wrong but I just know it works....same on my dad's printer, just used it today... 12.29.18


I registered for this Forum before I realised it is for Canon USA customers...


Nevertheless -


I went from the BEST inkjet printer I ever had (an MP600) to the WORST (an MG5750) about a year ago! The MG5750 is a full-blown alcoholic, as far as consuming ink is concerned! Nowhere near the number of pages Canon quote for their genuine ink tanks has ever been achieved... you can watch the remaining ink 'graphic' on-screen display go down with each page printed...! Smiley MadSmiley Sad