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Where are icc profiles for the TS9520 Printer??


Just installed this printer, looked everywhere, searched online and cannot find either the icc profiles for printing to different papers from Lightroom nor the psf files to proof in Photoshop. Nothing in the usual location such as Windows/system32/spool/drivers/color.


Can anyone help?


Thanks so much.


I would not install the 8500 driver. Different device. Has fax I believe, etc. Just grab the ICC's and put in the proper windows directory.

Well, one can have multiple drivers installed... I had an MG7500 installed beforehand and it made no difference (to have it still around) at all once I installed the TS9520 drivers. All the printers in our house are set to work off the LAN anyway, so I have my wife's MG7100 listed too, even though I never use it.


But I take your meaning of course. If all you want are the ICC profiles, obviously that's all you'd need.

Doug Bowker

Never underestimate the power of kindness.

My intent was to grab just the profiles, but cannot be sure they are proper. Its only a good guess.


Last heard frpom Canon in January.They do not reach out to me soits a series of menus, a tech support pern who transfers me to a tech support p[ern that can message Tier 3 Daniel who has escalated to Canon Japan to callme. They are very protective of their emails, so a call is all I can hope for. And then months until its rinse and repeat.


No update. Nothing. Bothering me now as adverttiwsed, in the user guide and I have not recived what i paid for. 9 months of being ignored.


I even went to Canon Europe today to see the TS9540 and TS9550 drivers and those have no icc as well. How is it there ar enot more people noticing this and complaining?



It is definitely disappointing becasue other than this aspect I do love the printer... Still, it's very difficult to get anything close to what I see on screen to be predictably printed.

Doug Bowker

Never underestimate the power of kindness.

Canon got back to me today.


They claim the single ICC profile installed with the 9520 driver: IJ Printer Color Profile 2015 if I recall, contains the profiles for ALL the Canon papers.


I asked how is it recommended to be set in Lightroom, where I most use it.


Their reply was select paper in Lightroom- glossy or matte, select the IJ Printer Profile and in the printer driver for color intensity select NONE as well as the proper paper there.


Terrible results. Almost anything else is better. Seriously.


So I printed 9 tests: Printer manages Color, IJ Profile and 8520 Glossy all with None, ICM or Driver for color intensity.


I got different result depending on the image. For a slightly muted color imaage, BEST was Printer Manages with NONE. Second best Printer with Printer Driver. Very close.


For an intensely saturated image IJ Profile with NONE just a hair behind Printer Mananagement with ICM.


So based on 18 test images (and paper and ink) I see no reason to use the IJ Printer Profile 2015 and especially not as recommended by Canon.




I did not test any other papers than Glossy II. Matte, Platinum, etc may have different results. Will have to try one day. But not today.

Had to try a few more.


First, using the ICC profile set to color intensity NONE is very different than having color intensity set to AUTO. Auto is much better. BUT, runs second to Printer Color Management Auto whioch seems to be consitently closest to the screen image

The profiles should have been here in TS9520 Driver:




If you want to try the TR8500 ICC's they can be extracted from:



FWIW, I do not feel like I got what I purchased from Canon, but I can find no other that has the features I want or I would be talking exchange. But it is time they did the right thing.