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Unable to install ink cartridge error 168A tr4520

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I was getting message about the toner being low, so I decided to go ahead and replace the cartridges. That gave an error "Install ink cartridges correctly" 168A. That was odd because there isn't much to installing them, just push them in until you hear a click. When I kept getting the 168A, I decided to remove the new ones and put the old ones back; that should demonstrate that I was installing correctly. Sure enough, after putting the old ones back I was able to print.


Here are images of the old and the new cartridges and a support message showing that the printer does in fact use the ones that I'm trying to install.


I will be in serious trouble when the cartridges actually are empty.

TIA for you help.



printer_cartridge new (in printer).jpg



printer cartridge support code 168A ink model number.png




printer cartridge ink model number.png






printer_cartridge old.jpg


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Pwrichcreek,


If the old tanks are working properly but the new tanks are not being detected, it looks like there is something wrong with the new tank or the electrical contacts on the back of the tank are dirty. You can try checking the contacts for any debris/ink and then loading the new tanks. If possible, please include an image of the copper contacts on the back of the tank so we can see if anything is wrong.


You can also contact our support team at 1-800-652-2666 to see what might be the problem with the new tank and to see what options they have for you.