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TS8050 ink drying wait time setting not working


I'm experiencing a very frustrating issue while printing in duplex (double sided) mode. The ink drying wait time is about 13 seconds, whatever the setting of it (short , default or long). That setting is simply not working. !! With this 13 sec wait time , duplex printing is unacceptably slow especially if you want to print multi page documents.
I use the latest MD driver (V1.02) and firmware (1.160)
(I have an older IP4950, these times are 3.5sec for the short and plm 60 sec for the long setting)

I have reported this problem to the Dutch Canon support but the don't seem to know what to recommend. (all kind of advice that has nothing to do with the problem ..)

My questions:
- Is there anyone else experiencing this for a TSxxxx printer?
- Can someone with such a printer check if this  ink drying wait time setting actually works?



Hi, WGmaker!

Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thanks for posting!

We appreciate your participation, though we need to let you know that your product appears to be a model that is not supported by our team here at Canon USA.  The Canon Community Forum is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.

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I didn't realize that the TS8050 is not sold in the US. I believe the 8020 is the US version? 
My impression is that this is a driver or firmware issue.
So maybe someone with a TSxx20 can have a check if that setting works ...

Over the weekend I came in contact with another owner of a TSxxxx printer . On my request he ran the following test:


1. Create a document of 4 blank pages (e.g. in word or similar)
2. set printer properties :
tab main: plain paper ,
tab Page Setup: duplex automatic
tab Maintenance: Custom Settings, Ink Drying Wait Time : Short
3. Print and measure the elapse time (eg with the stopwatch function of the 'Alarms & Clock app in W10 or similar)
(even better , measure the time the printer waits before retracting the page to print the back side, but the overall elapse time is also a good indication)
4. change Ink Drying Wait Time to : Long and repeat step 3.


His results were the same as mine: No difference in ink drying wait time for the short and the long setting. It remain constant in all settings , about 13 seconds. 


I suspect it is a general failure , probably an error in the driver (the driver is the same for any  TS printer whatever its regional flavour)


It would be very interesting to have test results done with any TSxx20 Printer to proof if I am right or wrong. 

Yesterday it was confirmed by Canon European Support that , indeed,  that setting doesn't work as it should. I am still very interested to know if that is also the case for the US versions of the TS range of printers.

Below the elapse and retract time values for the TS8050, which I believe are the same for the whole range of TSxxxx printers. It shows that these printers are very very  slow in duplex mode and that the short setting is useless.

Very dissapointing for  a printer that brings duplex printing as a feature.

Ink drying times.jpg

I have a new TS9120. Same problem - 16 second wait time before page retracts to print side 2.  Same issue with drying time setting - no noticeable effect.


There have been no firmware upgrades for this machine, but I think there needs to be a firmware fix for this problem.