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Smear on envelope edge Pixma G7020


Regarding my G7020, whenever I print an envelope, I get some smear on the upper left edge. If I print a few envelopes successively, it decreases with each envelope and then goes away, but the next time I print an envelope, it's back. Obviously, I'm printing these from the rear tray.

This does not happen when I print with paper through the cassette.

NOTE: The picture below was taken right after a nozzle cleaning and after I did a nozzle check which printed fine - so it's got nothing to do with the nozzles needing to be cleaned.  It's something with the feed mechanism from the rear tray.

 Envelope smear.jpg



It's an aggravating occurrence. If your printer driver has an option for bottom plate cleaning try that. But, from a practical standpoint, folks you are mailing to won't be able to tell if it came that way from you or happened during post office handling. Ultimately it’s just trash. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thanks, John.

I'd never heard of "bottom plate" cleaning but my printer does have that option - but it did not seem to work.  So, according the manual, my next step is:

"If the problem is not resolved after performing cleaning again, the protrusions inside the printer may be stained. Wipe off any ink from the protrusions using a cotton swab or the like."

I'll try that another day, no time today.

If anyone else has any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!


I would have thought John's suggestion would solve it.  Only other option I can think of is Paper Abrasion if this option exists on your model.  In the end, John is correct.  Mail sorting machines scuff and tear up envelopes which do ultimately find their way to the trash.

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