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Pixma MG2522 printing small in upper left corner


new printer wired to Imac, trying to print a google doc, from google chrome.  scale is 100, whenever i print it is printing in 1/4 scale.  I printed from PDF expert and it is fine. paper size is letter, can not find an issue.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 4.13.13 PM.png



That's exactly what I need! Thank you for sharing this idea with me. I have been trying to find out if it is possible to make a print of google documents and finally found out the answer to this question. I liked using google slides templates which I recently discovered on one of the forums. Such a helper is rarely found on the Internet, and so I rejoiced at such a find. I'm sure you'll love how easy the functionality is here and the useful KPI.


What was the solution for this problem? It does not show in the thread. I have the same problem. Everything I print only print 1/4 in the upper corner, even when scaling is set to 100%. I have been using this printer for a year or two with no problems, just recently updated my wifi and then this problem started with everything I print, no matter what software I am using.

Did you get an answer? I have the same problem.


Apparently it is something to do with Chrome. When I print anything using Safari it works fine, but if I go back to Chrome it scales small. I just updated my Operating System on my mac to Ventura and plan to try it to see if that helps at all.

Thank you! Switching to Safari from Chrome solved the problem! Great


Is there any solution to this? Out of the blue everything is printing 25% scale. 

Try printing from Safari



I think the problem is connected to the output resolution, and might also be associated with the Quality or Print Quality settings. Using Safari, I've been trying to print the daily crossword puzzle on plain paper as fast as I can using as little ink as possible. So naturally I created a preset "Plain Paper - Fast”, setting the Output Resolution to 300 dpi, Quality to Fast, Print Quality to Fast and Quality to Fast (Yes, there is a second "Quality" setting lower in the Printer Features pop-up menu). And, as in your case, the resulting printed area was 1/4 of full scale. If I changed only the Output Resolution from 300 dpi to 1200 dpi, the printed area became full scale. I then kept the Output Resolution at 300 dpi and tried various combinations of Quality and Print Quality settings, a few of which produced 1/2-scale prints but none at full scale. My work around is to use the PDF pop-up menu in the printer dialogue, select Open PDF In Preview, and print from the Preview window. This extra step saves me time, ink and paper (if I remember to do it!)


I had the same issue! I was trying to print at 300 dpi. When I changed setting to 600 dpi, the problem was resolved. 

Hope this helps!

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