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PIXMA mx922 prints blurry.


Our PIXMA mx922 prints blurry.  I have already cleaned the encoding strip.  


When I print a black and white text document. some lines on a printed document are sharp and crisp, while others are faint and blurry.  These crisp and blurry lines alternate all the way down the page. 


When I print a mixed color and black text document (such as a screen capture of this current page), the color sections are sharp but the black ink sections are blurry as mentioned previously.


The blurry text almost looks like a double image of the letters.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


Rising Star

I've done this multiple time and it hasn't fixed it...

Didi you get an answer to your question? I have had an MX922 printer stored for 6 months and just restarted it to find this problem. Thanks.



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No answer to issue was ever noted.

The link that you provided isn't working: "This site can’t be reached"

Rising Star
might try cleaning it again. Move the ink carriage to make sure you get both sides of the encoder strip.

Nope, I just traded it in for a newer one

Still looking for a solution on this one.

I've cleaned, aligned. Removed and cleaned the print head and still not saticfied with the results. With the number of people that have reported this issue, someone has to have an answer?