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PIXMA TS8320 Print quality issues


I’ve been having issues with the print quality of my Canon TS8320 for a little while now. I’ve gone through the programmed process for cleaning the printer heads and clearing clogs, and I even tried a cleaning solution kit to flush out any other blockages. The quality issues persist. What can I do to make this thing work right again?


Product Expert
Product Expert


So we could best assist you, we will need more information about the print quality issue. Are you printing a document and the text does not appear or are you printing a picture and the colors are faded? Any more information you can provide or if you could attach a picture to your reply would help us in troubleshooting this issue. 

We look forward to your reply. 

I’m trying to print a picture and the colors and clarity are off. The colors in this test print I just did are actually better than they seemed before (I think the black is so bad here because the endless tests and unclog runs have wasted almost my entire containers of ink) but the streaking is still happening to some degree here.



This is by far the worst printer I have ever owned and I will never buy another Canon printer, camera, or whatever they are selling again.  I have wasted a ton of money on a OEM print head, ink, and it is dead in the water and I'm not a novice.  I am just hoping that I can get a refund for the printer head.

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