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PIXMA TR8620a prints just a few pages before erroring out


I must say that i am very disappointed in my purchase of this product.  I have owned two Pixma mx922 printers and they worked flawlessly for years when the first one quit I immediately bought another one that also worked flawlessly. When the second one finally gave up the ghost.  i thought I would continue this successful relationship with cannon.

How wrong I was. I have owned the tr8620a for about 5 weeks and have only been successful in printing about 6-7 pages.  This product then goes into error mode.  I am not a newbee, I have installed many printers. I have installed this printer as per canons instructions it worked for a couple of pages then stopped.  and No it is not my wifi it works flawlessly unlike this printer. I have deleted all canon related software then reinstalled it several times. it will print a couple of pages then say the printer has an error,  no codes, no information just doesn't work .  When I try to get support cannon has an impressive way to avoid having any live human help you.  yes you can do FAQ but they have not helped me fix this printer. I have even paid (carepak) which should be renamed I don't care pak.

if i want to talk to a salesman i can get to a human instantly.  but customer support is a joke.  I will probably try to get Amazon to take back this printer since it has never worked correctly and buy some other brand.   



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This is a windows 10 machine.  I have already mentioned that the printer software has been loaded as per Canon works for a couple of pages then pops up error with no code or description. Wifi is operating on the printer according to the printer. I have deleted  and reinstalled multiple times. each time the printer works for a couple of pages then pops up an error.  

Do i want to get rid of this printer, NO, but I need a reliable printer like the pixma mx922. that was a printer that was reliable.



To reach out to our phone or live chat support team, you will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

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