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PIXMA MX922 with error code B200 (Series MX920)

How do you clear the B200 Support Code on my Printer? I can't do anything with the printer until the B200 code is removed and does not pop up as soon as I power up the printer. AND what causes the B200 code to be active all of a sudden?? My printer is no longer in warranty, but has worked fine until this code issue appeared all of a sudden! Your nearest service center is over 250 miles away----hardly worth while to keep printer if no "work a round" is provided, and I doubt I'd buy another Canon if this issue is not resolved!

I found how to remove & replace the print head (after cleaning it up a bit), but I still get the B200 Support Code. Does this mean I must buy a new print head???

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I found how to remove & replace the print head (after cleaning it up a bit), but I still get the B200 Support Code. Does this mean I must buy a new print head???

What is my cost of ordering a new Print Head?

Kenskila, Thank you so much for you tip on how to get rid of the B200 code. Prior to receipt of your email I was able to finally get rid of the error code and my printer worked for about a week using one of the other tips I received from a member of the Forum. All of a sudden I experienced another printer issue. As I mentioned the printer worked well for about a week........then all of a sudden it decided to start printing nothing but BLANK pages. Everything seemed to work well up until it was supposed to print a page, but it now only prints BLANKS. I've tried everything w/o success, so I applied your tip of removing the Print Head and cleaning it under running water, as a last resort thinking it might be plugged up. Still no success. If you have any other tips I could apply, I'm up to trying anything right now! Thanks very much for your time. Gary

Hi gnc,


Please try performing at least one cleaning and two deep cleanings on the printer by following the steps shown here to try and resolve the issue of the blank pages printing.  If you still experience difficulty, we ask that you please contact a Canon technical support representative here for further assistance. A representative will be happy to assist you free of charge.

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Hello Canon support,


I also have this issue. It happened about a year ago, I went thru these steps and the issues was resolved. Now it's happened again, I went through the same steps, but it's not resolving the issue. I am unable to run any cleanings etc. The printer doesn't have an error until I try to print or do any maintainace on it. How do I verify that I need a new print head and do you have a part number for this? Other Suggestions? I am also out of warranty. thanks much, Lori

Facing the same.

Ramona, I had a feeling this odd solution would work for me - and it did.

Many thanks, and several Kudos. !

no. im not getting blank pages. its not printing at all.

i get error cpde B200 and the 6000 too.

technical support no longer answers any questions re this model

I don't see any phone solution free of charge.  They want me to pay $20 to get phone support.

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