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PIXMA MX922 with error code B200 (Series MX920)

How do you clear the B200 Support Code on my Printer? I can't do anything with the printer until the B200 code is removed and does not pop up as soon as I power up the printer. AND what causes the B200 code to be active all of a sudden?? My printer is no longer in warranty, but has worked fine until this code issue appeared all of a sudden! Your nearest service center is over 250 miles away----hardly worth while to keep printer if no "work a round" is provided, and I doubt I'd buy another Canon if this issue is not resolved!

I found how to remove & replace the print head (after cleaning it up a bit), but I still get the B200 Support Code. Does this mean I must buy a new print head???

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Do I need a new printer head. I cleaned printer head. still it gives the same error code.Please help

That is what I did.. I genuine printhead, and everything worked like new after that.

I purchased a genuine Canon printhead


This is what worked for me. I had a stubborn B20 error on my MX922 for a while. I hadn’t used it in a couple of months, although i hadn’t planned on that and hadn’t taken the cartridges out and stored them.  I put in new ones, but no fix. (When the print head wasn’t in the position i needed from it, i just gently moved it by hand.)

More research led me to suspect the print head was gummed up, so after an alcohol soak didn’t fix the Error i bought a solvent “kit” online; that didn’t resolve it either.

I shopped online for another print head. The prices varied wildly. It felt like i was taking a chance when I chose a new one for $30 (not a manufacturer’s item).  I installed the print head and reinstalled the new cartridges, which I’d sealed in a baggie to prevent their drying out. Next step: reset the MX922 using others’ advice to press/hold Stop for a couple of seconds, then press Start while immediately pressing Stop 5 times. The screen lit, then the printer took some time before ‘booting’, apparently deciding whether to accept the new print head and re-evaluate he B200 error. After 20 or 30 seconds the LED panel lit without a B200 Error warning. It started as usual - with no B200 error.  That process solved my B200 Error code problem perfectly. 

1. Turn OFF Power
2. Open the print head bay (as though you were about to change inks)
3. Turn ON power
4. Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left and let it go past half way
5. Before print carriage reaches left hand side (but after going halfway across) shut the cover.
6. Leave the Printer turned on
7. Good to go.
I tried this and it worked for me

Thanks so much.  Your info worked perfectly.  It was worth joining this forum just to thank you, even if I never use it again.



Im new to this site and joined because i am thinking of buying the pixma 922 and was worried about what I read about the B200 error. It seems you found the solution. I was trying to view what the solution would be before I buy the printer. I dont see the complete answer to fixing this possible problem. Can you offer it or direct where I can find this?


Thanks alot,



I'll be d_____! Worked but have no idea why. Thank u!

It worked... thanks so much. 🙂

Worked with my MG6220! Thank you!!!

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