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PIXMA MX922 with error code B200 (Series MX920)

How do you clear the B200 Support Code on my Printer? I can't do anything with the printer until the B200 code is removed and does not pop up as soon as I power up the printer. AND what causes the B200 code to be active all of a sudden?? My printer is no longer in warranty, but has worked fine until this code issue appeared all of a sudden! Your nearest service center is over 250 miles away----hardly worth while to keep printer if no "work a round" is provided, and I doubt I'd buy another Canon if this issue is not resolved!

I found how to remove & replace the print head (after cleaning it up a bit), but I still get the B200 Support Code. Does this mean I must buy a new print head???

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Hi Everyone, I got rid of the B200 error by getting rid of the printer.  If all Canon can say is take it in for service and nothing like "the print head is worn out, the part number is (xxxxxx) here is a link to get a discount" then I say that is not customer service and they don't have my business.  I am done with this site.


Geez, I didn't realize I had the MX922 since 2017. Mind you, I've had some errors and issues and this one replaced another mx version. I just checked the prices to replace this unit, I have a lot of ink cartridges and don't want to dispose of them.... As I'm typing this, I'm soaking my printer head. Here's hoping it works... it's such a pain but from my research, this happens with a lot of printers.... all brands..... white paper!!!! No print!!!! Ugh!!!! I'll come back to update this after the printer head soaks...... 


Printers are disposable. Limited life. Keep up with the latested mobile phone, tablet, 5G.
B200 error.

So are printer heads! And compared on the replacing my MX922, I've had since 2017, that is the wiser/cheaper choice! Like so many others on here, my opinions tend to lean toward the fact that the MX922 is an awesome piece of equipment. I went on to Amazon Prime and selected a new printer head knowing if it didn't work, it wouldn't be a total loss. I unwrapped the printer head, held my breath, and installed it. After plugging it back in, I waiting until it made it's start. It works again. In my opinion, it's not the cleaning of the head. It's the chip! Chips can be programed....not sure if it's time or copies....I stand with my comment, it's in the chip!


Suddenly i was getting the B200 error too. Then i realized why - i hadn't used the printer in months and the ink dried out.  Including in the Print Head.  Cleaning a lot - no joy.

Gott a new print head. No change. 

Returned that one and got another. Not cheapest or most $.  I went with Best Reviews. ,,, that one worked out after some extra finagling. I cleaned out the ink catchall below the print head. (Extract the print had. there is a pan under it.)  I also used rubbing alcohol to clean the rear "wall" of that space, where you see the copper contacts for the printhead.  

Main idea: Even a Print Head advertised as a good fit for the MX922 may not actually work with the MX922.  You might have try more than one.  Reading the description very closely can help weed out ones that won't work, but that still doesn't guarantee you'll get a print head that'll work.

Be Persistent.   


My MX922 was two printer past. My time is much more valubale then screwing arond with an error code that does not have a fix by Canon.G I'm over wating my time replacing print heads klike your cost per hour to fix doesn't comepensate for the $250 plus worth your productive hours.  How many hours at what rate did you spend fixing somesing that is unfixable. If a new print head was the answer why didn't Canon say it. (Print heads are obsolete?). Total waste of my time with the B200 Error. I depreciated the printer and it's been gone.

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