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PIXMA MG3230 Scanning multiple pages


Dear Support

I have a Canon MG3230 (MG3200 series), and would like to scan multiple documents to a single PDF file. So far unable to locate information in the forum. Am running Windows 10 with the Canon IJ Scan Utility tool installed .

Thank you 



Hi, I had this problem too with my TS8050.  I finally discovered the answer and it was very simple.  When I open the scan option and choose save to computer it says <Doc type: Auto scan>. If you touch this option you have the choice of document, photo or aiuto scan.  By choosing document, after each page scanned you are asked  if you want to continue scanning, in which case you press the start colour or black and white option again, and if you don't you press End.  Yopu can ascan as many pages as you want.  The other thing I have reallised recently is that multiple pages can give a big file size (too big for soem email recipients for example) , if you have chosen Document (not auto scan) you get a settings option on the start scanning screen and you can change the dpi here to geta smaller scan (e.g 300 dpi gave 6MB and 150 dpi recued this to about 1.6 MB.  Hope this helps, Mike