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PIXMA G7020 "Manual Duplex" Scanning?


Hi All,


Brand new G7020 in place and playing with it to learn how to use the features.  What on earth is the "manual duplex" mode I can select in the IJ Scan Utility Light software?  Does this mean that I put my stack in the ADF facing up, and then turn it over and scan again to complete the process?  Since this places the last page on top after flipping, there must be a built-in correction to sort the pages properly?  Really disappointed that there is no auto-duplex scanning (some of my older Canon printers were excellent at this feature that seems to be GONE in IJ printers now), so need to figure this out.


Thanks in advance!





I just found this set of detailed instructions for another printer:


This will make it MUCH simpler to scan a stack of duplex documents if it works the same on the 7020!


If it works, I will mark this comment as the solution.

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Darklunaria, thanks so much for the quick reply! 


I was actually asking for the MB2120 but assumed that the manual duplex is probably the same since the softare (IJ Scan Utility) is the same.  You have saved me the disappointment of unboxing an MB2120 to find out the hard way.  I am instead going to spend an extra $100 for the MB5120 which has the ADF auto duplex scanning.

Update-- I ended up purchasing the MB2120 and turns out the manual duplex actually works the way I was hoping it would!  Compared to the auto duplex scanning, the manual duplex scanning requires just the one extra manual step of moving the stack of scanned output back onto the ADF flipped over.

The on-screen instructions are comically incorrect in that they instruct you to copy the same side rotated 180 degrees rather than flipping the stack of pages to scan the backs. After you figure that part out you are good.  It actually first scans the fronts (E.g., page 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9), prompts you to scan the other side where you just move the stack of pages in the order they came out but flipped over and it scans the evens in reverse order (E.g., page 10, 8, 6, 4, 2) and when you exit it resequences the document page scans into a correctly ordered single PDF. You do need to change the data format under Save Settings to PDF (Multiple Pages) to get this behavior.


You got it EXACTLY right.  The G7020 only two sides from the mobile device or computer.  The scanner/adf doesn't allow two sided copying or printing. A real mess even after asking before I bought it.