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Middle of photo not printing


I have a series MG 7100 Pixma printer.  All of a sudden when I print my photos, the  middle of the photo is blank.  The middle third (approx) of the photo is one wide white stripe.  


After speaking with canon via Twitter they have advised it’s due to the latest windows update (my computer downloaded it on the 12th) so if you uninstall that specific update it works

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You're welcome cousinbrucie1, I just now was persuaded to try reinstalling KB5000282 again and also installing the KB5001567, which Microsoft says will "FIX" the printer problem. NOPE! , I just wasted 10 minutes of testing it to find it doesn't fix anything, at least on my pc.

Thanks again, worknhere.  You saved me more time (and more hair)!  I will avoid Microsoft's future attempts to install that KB...

THANKS everyone.  I uninstalled the latest Windows update of March 11 & recovered my ability to print photos.  

How do i fix that software BAD-update??

I was advised to not delete the most current windows security update on 3/15/21, but wait for Windows or Canon to come up with a patch for this issue?  Do you think this will happen?

If you read the above statement it says that you don't need to DO anything except allow Windows Updates to install any updates it wants and then test your printer to see if you have any problems.

I just downloaded the Windows update KB5001649, it worked! my photos print out correctly now!!!

Thank you!

Yeah, I was glad it worked also, I guess we have to give some praise to Microsoft and especially Sumit the Volunteer Moderator at the site for looking into the printing problem. After it was reported there Microsoft released the fix next day. Outstanding service from Microsoft? Who knew? LOL.

I uninstalled that update and it didn’t help. The center of every printed photo is missing.

I actually uninstalled KB4601319 because it was the latest update on my machine.   Perhaps that's the one that's giving you trouble as well.  Good luck.  

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