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MX922 Printer wasn't printing anything. Now I get this- wavy lines


I've shut the printer down, I've done deep cleaning, cleaning, try to align the heads. Think I cleaned the timing strip properly as i got a lot of grease/ink on my cloth.

Not sure what else to do.

I have a mac - operating system is OS monterey 12.3.1






Product Expert
Product Expert


I would double check the encoder strip.  If there was grease on the cloth, you may have been cleaning the rails the print head moves on. Please click HERE for more information about cleaning the encoder strip. 

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Super delayed response. I have gotten the printer to print now. However it only prints from Notes (Apple). I can't get it to print from Word or Excel anymore. I can't screenshot from a website to print. I can't print from a pdf.  I can't make a black copy from the printer itself. Why? Is there any kind of solution? I have so much ink for this specific printer I'd really not like to have to get a new one but it's becoming so frustrating I'm not sure there's any other solution. It acts like its going to print, and out comes a blank page. The only ink ever on a page comes from Notes.

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