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MX870 - How to fax to multiple recipients without coding numbers in speed dial?


I have a Pixma 870 printer/fax.  I want to send a single fax to 3 recipients, none of whom I expect to ever fax to again.  Like the fax machine at my office, I expected to be able to just put in the 3 recipients' fax numbers, perhaps separated by some sort of delimiter (#,*, a space, or something else) and them just press"Start."  


But that doesn't seem to work.  


I looked at the manual and didn't find a solution there, unless I an willing to record each fax number to a separate two-digit speed dial number, then use "Coded Dialing" to enter multiple two digit numbers.  This seems silly, particularly when the recipient numbers aren't likely to ever be used again.


Actually, the explanation in the manual does not seem very clear for people like me who aren't terribly familiar with faxing procedures and and only infrequently need to fax items.  


So my basic question is:  Is there a way to make this MX870 do what I want without having to use Speed Dial Coding and where I can just put in multiple recipients' fax numbers (with or without some sort of delimiter) and them just press "Start"?






Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi pdalton,


You can send one fax to multiple recipients without using speed or coded dial.


After entering in the phone number of the first fax, press the OK button and then enter the next phone number.  Once done, press the color or black Start button to send the fax to those recipients.

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