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MG5721 blurry text & can't allign printhead


So I have a Pixma MG5721 that I bought in 2018. It recently started producing blurry text documents and pdf's. Pictures print fine. Ink cartridges were replaced not too long ago, less than a year ago and all show half full or more. Nozzle pattern prints ok for the most part but shows blurry text on the c,m,y,bk and shows smearing on the pgbk text and grid. I went to re-allign the printhead manually and there is text missing, some of the A,B,C and all of the -5 thru +5 numbers. All of the black blocks are printing incomplete. Same thing with auto align, it's so bad, the scanner can't read it. Of course I've done clean and deep clean cycles multiple times to no avail. I even cleaned the transparent tracking strip per a tutorial on canon. I know it's probably out of warranty, but is there anything else I can do to resurect my printer?