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Looking for Pixma plus 35mm slide scanning!



I used to have a Canon Pixma printer with a 35mm scanning facility built in to the lid. Broke down some time ago, unfortunately.

And now Canon don't do Pixma printers with 35mm scanning.

Been scouring the internet for an MG8250 or equivalent, with no luck.


I don't WANT to change from Pixma. I think it's possibly the best colour print system you can buy, but I do need that 35mm slide scanning facility, so any suggestions as to an alternative product, i.e. a good quality colour printer (plus copier plus flatbed scanner plus 35mm slide scanner), offering similar print quality as the Pixma?

I suppose one alternative is to buy a stand-alone 35mm neg scanner, but I also have a number of ancient (1890s) large b&w negatives so a 35mm-only carrier wouldn't do - I need something where I can use bits of tape etc. to hold odd-sized films.

Thanks for reading, and I hope someone has a suggestion or two.