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Printing light/missing after cleaning PIXMA G7020


I'm going to start that I've had this printer (PIXMA G7020) for years but was not using it so it's out of warrantee.  The Website hides numbers if it's out of warrantee, you can't even find the number for support on your account if this happens. 

I have only printed 321 pages, I know this from the nozzle check.  30 of those pages was fixing this same issue for the CYAN AND MAGENTA painting.  Recently my special needs child has really needed printouts so I'm starting to use the printer weekly.  But the printer does not print BLACK fully now.  I did a power cycle, deep clean, head alignment and multiple nozzle checks.  the issue persists.  I think I might need a head replacement from other forums replies but the price is almost the same as a new printer.  

My Question, this printer was supposed to last... If I need to replace it should I go with a different brand or type?  Obviously, I want support when something finally breaks down but I want nice crisp lines too when I am printing with color matching.  What should I do?





Sorry that you're having issues with your printer. I just did taxes and had some printing to do myself.  

I'm not sure what you mean about "hiding" numbers?  If you need to contact Canon, their number is:

Canon Support

Support for products covered under warranty is free.  For out of warranty products, (no different than anyone else) there is sometimes a small fee.

Let's discuss your issue further.  If your printer has been sitting dormant for years....  Thats not good for them as the inks left in them can dry, clog passages and the printhead.  Serious effort can be required to unclog them and in some cases they might not work correctly again.  This is not a flaw with Canon printers.  All printers are susceptible to this, especially inkjets.This is similar to what happens to a paint brush if you use it and then leave it out without covering or putting it in the freezer.

Printers can and do last, but not when they are left unused for (lengthy) extended periods of time.  Thats not the printer manufacturer's fault. You've done the right things, nozzle check, cleaning, deep cleaning.  Sometimes it takes several operations and its helpful if you wait 24 hrs between the cleanings for things to soften unclog and start flowing again.  It just depends how long they've sat, and under what conditions.

I actually switched from inkjet to laser because of this.  We use our printers almost daily, but vacations happen and this way I don't need to worry that my print quality is going to degrade due to lack of use.  Inkjets are great for artsy crafty stuff and photos, laser is good for documents and business applications type of use.  I was pretty amazed how good printed photos looked coming out of my 644 and 656.  Some are frameable for sure.

If you think a new printhead will help, you should be able to order from the Canon Parts Desk:

Canon Parts Order Desk

It depends on the problem.  Is the clog in the head, in a feed line, etc.  Its difficult for us to make that kind of assessment over the internet.  Some have had luck flushing / cleaning the printhead themselves.   

Canon also has a sales team, and provides a small discount and free shipping if your printer's issue cannot be resolved or repaired.  

Canon Sales Team

I hope some of this information will be useful, and help to solve your printing issues.

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