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Scanning settings for color imageclass MF644Cdw?


I recently bought a printer - the Canon Color Imageclass MF644Cdw, and am generally pleased with it.  One issue though - when I scan a B&W document that I have written on (with a dark black pen), the scannng function does a terrible job "scanning" the handwritten parts.  It drops portions of the letters and numbers - it looks to me like a contrast/darkness/density  issue.  And I can't find anywhere to adjust the scanning quality. 

Also when I try and scan several pages in the color mode, the  machine doesn't allow me to create multiple page PDF documents.  after the first page, it reverts back to main scanning screen, leaving me without the option of adding a second or third page.  Am I missing something here, or is this an obvious oversight on the part of Canon?

Any help would be appreciated....Thanks!  Thomasluke




Hi! Have the same exact problem. I get a much better scan on the phone app but would like to scan direcly to the computer. Did you ever get a reply from them on this issue? 

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Thomasluke,


To adjust your scan setting for the MF644Cdw, you can use the MFscan utility that installs during the setup. If you do not have the MFscan utility installed onto your computer, you can download it from our support site using the link provided below.


To change you scan settings, you can click on settings in the lower right hand corner of the IJ scan utility and then you can select the corresponding button that you would like to change the settings for. You can view the MFscan utility manual using the link provided HERE.


For help with the installation or to help with which settings you can adjust, I would need some additional information to assist further. If you could reply to this message with the specific version of the Mac or windows operating system you have on your computer, we can assist further.