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MX 490 continuous power cycling .


My Canon MX490 AIO printer started to power cycle with only the Canon logo showing on the printer display. The printer will move the ink cartridges then the rollers will move and click then shut off then turn back on and start the same cycle again. This will happen while it's plugged in. Any suggestions how to fix this issue?


Hi!  We've released a firmware update to take care of this issue. Learn more now by clicking HERE.

Hope this helps!

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Same issue.  Have unplugged from power source, waited 30 minutes, and tried again. Still repeats the same power cycle and none of the control/function buttons do anything either.

Did you have yours connected via wifi? I'm wondering if an update was pushed to the printers and it messed them up.


Yes, there is another thread about this, also.  Must be something in the firmware.  I wonder if it will do better on 6/1?

Hi!  We've released a firmware update to take care of this issue. Learn more now by clicking HERE.

Hope this helps!

How are you supposed to disconnect from wireless internet or Alan if it does not stop cycling and none of the buttons (tools, set up, menu, power, ok, stop) are responding?

turn off the router. as much as we hate it thats what worked for me. trying to disconnect with router software didn't work, only turning it off. i pulled the plug on mine. 

This morning I unplugged my modem, while my printer was unplugged- like it has been for 4 days- and then plugged my printer back in… it started normally, then I plugged my modem back in and now it’s working just fine!

So you didn’t make any change to your printer since this mess started? Just unplugged it til today? Didn’t try the ‘workaround’? And today it works again like normal?  Which printer model do you have ?   Man…..this is just strange….and Canon sure doesn’t seem to be being straight with us.

Hi, no I didn’t try any of the temporary fixes/work around solutions. I have had my printer unplugged since it started this continuous recycling started on 6/1. I would plug it in to try it again every day but when the recycling kept happening- I’d unplug it again. Today I unplugged my modem, plugged my printer in and it turned on like it normally would then I plugged my modem back in and it’s working fine. I waited for the printer to turn back on normally before I plugged the modem back in. My printer model is MX490.