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MX 490 continuous power cycling .


My Canon MX490 AIO printer started to power cycle with only the Canon logo showing on the printer display. The printer will move the ink cartridges then the rollers will move and click then shut off then turn back on and start the same cycle again. This will happen while it's plugged in. Any suggestions how to fix this issue?


Hi!  We've released a firmware update to take care of this issue. Learn more now by clicking HERE.

Hope this helps!

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You’re a genius, I unplugged the internet cord and it allowed me to set it up to wifi and stopped cycling. Unfortunately I’m trying to print and it isn’t quite working but going to keep at it, I don’t suppose there’s a way to print from my phone without the printer being on wifi?

So do you think if I stopped the router and turned off the Wi-Fi in the house it would work?


My Mb2040 is stuck on the Maxify screen and keeps restarting. Same issue it seems. Looks like Canon sent out a firmware update and it bricked our printers. 


Arthur...evidently Canon did something to cause this issue with a variety of printers.  I have been on hold for almost two hours.  Check things out on your end, please because its not all of us that caused this!


Well said!!

Canon needs to fix the problem!


I doubt that.. My opinion is not a firmware update is some bug relate to some services like airprint or google print or similar.. because if the printer don't connect to internet the printer works fine.. it is happening too on IP110..

canon has already told many of us -who were able to get thru to their support people - that it is a problem they are working to fix......... not a firmware issue...... network issue


My Mx-492 is doing same thing.  I unplugged the printer and unplugged wifi for 10 minutes, but that didn't help.


Same thing with my MX490, started this morning about 9 am PST. Tried everything, keeps doing the same thing. Canon better get their s..t together. There's no way this is happening to all of us at the same time unless they screwed up!!! Fix this Canon, now!!!


My Pixma MX490 is doing the same thing.  I've tried unplugging it too. I even checked to see if I had any updates to install and so far nothing.  I have it unplugged right now because I can't keep listening to it turn on and off.