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MX 490 continuous power cycling .


My Canon MX490 AIO printer started to power cycle with only the Canon logo showing on the printer display. The printer will move the ink cartridges then the rollers will move and click then shut off then turn back on and start the same cycle again. This will happen while it's plugged in. Any suggestions how to fix this issue?


Hi!  We've released a firmware update to take care of this issue. Learn more now by clicking HERE.

Hope this helps!

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I couldn't find the ORIGINAL Post Person to have you check out but I had a screen shot of his post.  There was one more step BEFORE backing out.  After putting in a new IP  number mx490 asked for sec server ON or OFF.  I put OFF.

This WORKED for me....I wish I could find the Person who posted this in such an easy format showing EVERY step to take....before I found this I was afraid to try anything in case I made it worse😅


THANK YOU whoever you are!

Thank you so much Sue. This worked perfectly after I put the SEC server to OFF. Yippee!!  🥳 


Canon Maxify MB2320

Printer started power cycling when Canon screwed everyone else this past weekend.  I took the DNS "Fix" and instead of doing all of the steps I only....

  1. Unplugged the printer
  2. Unplugged the modem ethernet from the router (You could also turn off router)
  3. Plugged in the printer, it turned on by itself, cycled and finally brought me to the menu without shutting off
  4. Plugged the modem ethernet back into the router
  5. Test printed from the PC, worked
  6. Test print from mobile, worked
  7. So far, so good

Bought printer 02.2015 and have never updated/downloaded a firmware update and it still happened to mine.


I am using a Chromebook. Anyone else? The new update is for Windows and Mac. So what am I supposed to do? I am still having the exact same issues like everyone else.