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MG7720 Printer stopped working and support code after changing ink cartridges


Alright so this is mostly my fault, wanted to get that out of the way.


I installed new ink cartridges in my printer today for the first time since getting it. My issue starts with the new ink, I selfishly bought "compatible" ink cartridges instead of ink straight from Canon themselves. After I restarted my printer I heard a scratching sound, got a support code of C000, and now can't do anything. I looked up the support code already and tried to check the ink but when I open the cover, the ink doesn't move to the position that allows me to remove the ink. Now I'm stuck with a printer that I can't use


Is there anything I should do, or am I out of luck with this and have to buy a new one?


Thanks for any advice/support, anything is appreciated. And lesson learned, don't but 3rd party ink.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi imrobpi,


This error may occur when there is a loose object stuck inside the printer or if one of the ink tanks was not seated properly.  Please try the following:

1.  With the cover of the printer open, unplug the power from the back of the printer or the wall.

2.  Look for any loose objects or packing material in the printer, clear if necessary.

3.  Try gently moving the ink tank holder as close to you as possible.  Try pushing the closest ink tank down.  Once clicked into place, try moving the ink tank holder closer, repeat as needed. 

4.  If you meet resistance, do not attempt to move the ink tank holder any further.


If the issue persists, please provide us with the purchase date of the printer so we can review your options.



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