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MG7720 Cannot remove carriage


Error code 6000 and carriage stuck to the right. This happened when I initiated the "deep clean" function. Tried a bunch of suggested fixes - no luck.

Have taken printer apart to the point I can access the carriage (which is stuck to the right). Removed print cartridges and print head. Removed grey metal strip above carriage. Removed timing strip and unhooked the drive belt. Carriage will lift up at the front but will not lift up from the back rail. It seems as though there is something in the middle of the carriage at the back that is preventing me from lifting it off the rail as I can lift it up a bit on the right and on the left sides.. Also it will only move about 1/2 inch going side to side.

Also when I try to move the carriage to the left it hits a hard stop on the back rail after moving 1/2 inch from the far right hand position.

All help much appreciated.