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PIXMA TR4720 offline... when its not.


hi, I have a canon pixma TR4720

it is connected to the same wifi that my pc and phone is connected to

except I am trying to print a pdf file. I was able to do it from my phone.. but i have been trying to print it from my pc for an hour and it just keeps saying to check if the printer is on. ITS ON. Theres a green light where it says POWER, IT IS ONLINE.

My phone was able to find it. I have an iphone 15. 

I have 3 year old PC running Windows 11 pro, i update it every single week, and it cannot find the printer. I do not have any USB cables to connect it manually. 

I downloaded drivers from the canon website, still cant find it. Restarted PC twice, nothing.


Help >.<



Greetings ,

In these situations the first thing to do is verify basic connectivity.  Login to your router and view the list of attached devices. 

What is the IP assigned to the printer?  What is the IP assigned to your computer? 

Can you ping the printer's IP successfully from a command prompt?  If you enter its IP into a browser does its webserver display?


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