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How Connect MX452 to WiFi?


Have new MX452 and can't get it conne3cted to WiFi.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello rcollier6.


Please try the following steps to connect the unit to your Wi-Fi router:


1.  Press the Setup button on the printer.

2.  Use the arrow keys to select Drive Settings and press OK.

3.  Select LAN Settings and press OK.

4.  Choose Wireless LAN Setup and press OK.

5.  If a WPS prompt appears, press the STOP button.

6.  Select Standard Setup and press OK.

7.  Select your Access Point and press OK.  When entering the passphrase, use the Tone or Star (*) key to change character modes.


Once this has been done, insert the CD for the unit into your Windows or Mac OSX computer and perform the installation.

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When I try to connect this way, the printer is still not able to find the connection. Any other suggestions?

Hi! I do not have the CD anymore for wireless set up for this specific printer. Is there a place to download this online?


Hi Bethany,


The drivers for your printer can be downloaded from our website.  CLICK HERE!


If you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us

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sorry for the highjack


Is there a way to to connect a Windows 8.1 x64 machine to the MX452 without installing any special drivers and or program from Canaon? Trying to keep the install programs as low as possible.


I'm able to install the printer bt clicking find, add printer and following the promts, it gives me a wifi printer no problem, but as soon as I plug in the USB cable, it install me a new printer. Delete it, and as soon as I plug in the USB cable again, same thing... new printer. I worked well yesterday, but foolish me, deleted the printer and now, can't seem to make it work.


So, to sum it up.... trying to install the printer without the need to install Canon software, have one printer (yet, shows me printer and fax??) have it work but USB and WIFI without having two different printers.


It's driving me nuts... thx to all

I tryed the way you suggested and I have the CD drive content downloaded in my Mac, but I still can not use the wireless priting. Would you please offer me a solution to that? Is there any limitation of the distance where I can use the wireless priting? Hope you could answer my questions. Thank you.

How do I connect my Canon MX 452 to wi - fi without the c. d.?

Hi ranjb!

You can download the software from our site HERE. There's also a "Wireless Help" tab.


We hope this helps! 

I can't find my installation disc.   I am not getting a connection when I press WPS on the router.

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