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*Verified Q&A comments that are commented below this artcile will be given a "kudos" from the official Canon U.S.A. account and added to the FAQ list below.*


Q: What are the supported Canon camera models for the official version?

A: In total there are 43 models -- refer to for the full list.


Q: What is the distribution for official version?

A: The beta version was only available in the USA. However the official version will be widely distributed in regions outside the USA. Please check the website of each country or region to see if it is distributed in your area, or contact your local service location.


Q: Symantec Endpoint Protection displays a warning during installation of EOS Webcam Utility.  What should I do?

A: EOS Webcam Utility setup.exe is signed by a valid digicert Extended Validation SSL certificate and it can be safely installed. Please hit "Allow this file" and proceed the installation.


Q: I want to use the software with high image quality. (I want to use FHD). 

A: The resolution using the software is generally 1024x576 when set to video mode.  Please note that this may vary depending on your camera model.


Q: Can I change the camera settings while the camera is connected to the computer with the USB cable?

A: Please perform menu operations without the USB cable connected. You can operate other dials and buttons even while video streaming with the USB cable connected. (The software does not have the functionality to change camera settings).


Q: Does continuous use of the camera generate heat?

A: When you don't use in-camera recording, the webcam functionality does not generate more heat than during normal shooting. But, if you use in-camera recording, it will generate the same amount of heat as during normal in-camera recording.


Q: Can I use the camera’s microphone?

A: No, EOS Webcam Utility software doesn't transmit audio through USB connection.Please use your computer’s built-in microphone or an external microphone separately connected to your computer. 


Q: What are the supported Windows Operating Systems?

A: Please refer to for the full list of supported Windows Operating Systems.


Q: What is the frame rate of the video stream?

A: The frame rate depends on the camera model, camera settings, PC performance and the transmission speed specifications of your PC and USB, etc., however in most cases it is up to 30 fps.


Q: Can multiple cameras be used with the EOS Webcam Utility software?

A: The software does not support streaming from multiple cameras simultaneously.


Q: How can I increase the output resolution on a USB Feed?

A: The resolution of the video stream through the USB feed cannot be changed. If you need a higher resolution output please consider utilizing HDMI options offered by your camera model, if compatible. Please refer to for information on clean HDMI output supported cameras offered by Canon.


Q: Does the EOS Webcam Utility Tool support 4K?

A: The software does not support 4K. If you need a higher resolution output please consider utilizing HDMI options offered by your camera model, if compatible. Please refer to for information on clean HDMI output supported cameras offered by Canon.


Q: How long can I stream using the EOS Webcam Utility software? Is streaming limited to 30 minutes?

A: The streaming is not limited to 30 minutes and you can stream until the battery runs out. If you want longer usage please consider an AC adapter and DC coupler as an option. Depending on the camera temprature, camera will automatically shutdown to protect camera device. To prevent overheating it is recommended to set the video resolution to 1080p.


Q: How can I sync the video and audio, or reduce the lag between video and audio?

A: EOS Webcam Utility does not control the sync of video and audio.


Q: Why do I get the EOS Webcam Utility logo in reverse or a black screen, on my video feed?

A: If the previewed image (EOS Webcam Utility logo) on the video feed is mirrored will depend on the video conferencing or streaming application you are using. When you see a black screen it is most likely because EOS Webcam Utility is in use by another application. You can either close the other application or deselect EOS Webcam Utility in the other application to restore the video feed.


Q: What if my camera isn't listed but I tried it and it works?

A: The list of supported cameras includes the cameras that have been tested with the software. We cannot guarantee functionality of the software with a camera not included on the list.


Q: Can the software work via HDMI connection?

A: EOS Webcam Utility software does not support HDMI connection and only supports USB connection. Please check our website for cameras that support clean HDMI output and how to use them.


Q: Why do I see black border in my video feed?

A: When the camera is set to "Still Photo" shooting mode, black side pillars may appear to the border around the video source image. We suggest that you set the camera to "Movie" recording mode. Note: Some selected cameras may still display black side pillars bordering around the video source image, even if set to "Movie" recording mode.


Q: Is it possible to internally record video while streaming?

A: Yes, recording while streaming is supported.


Q: Is there are an internal record time limit while streaming?

A: Recording time while streaming and recording is limited to the cameras video recording time specification.




Whether connecting with colleagues, academic peers, or family and friends, find the right webcam starter kit that works for you.


Product Expert
Product Expert



Hello, ndchiu


The EOS Webcam Utility has been developed with a universal installer which is compatible with Windows 10. Please check to see if a copy of EOS Webcam Utility is already installed. If there is, you may uninstall the utility, reboot your computer, and then install the version you've downloaded. In case you have the EOS Webcam Utility BETA still installed, please uninstall this first and reboot prior to installing the official release of the EOS Webcam Utility.


Please also check to see if there is any security software or security settings which may prevent the software from installing. If possible, please try installing the EOS Webcam Utility on a different computer. If it does install, then there may be something on your Windows 10 computer preventing the utility from installing.

John Hill
Not applicable

In the Software License Agreement, part 1, section 3 it states "The Software includes open source software. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, terms and conditions of each open source software written in the Software shall apply to such open source software respectively."


Can you tell me what open source software is being refered to?  My legal department needs this to allow me to use this at work.

Not applicable

Is there a specific reason this works on the Canon Powershot G7x Mark iii but not for the Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii? 

Is there a plan to update the firmware on the Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii so it can be used on the Webcam Utility software.
The Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii is an extremely popular camera newer then some others that are on the compatible list and I am suprised its not an option already.

Please respond.


Israel M
Not applicable

What i read in the FaQ, the heat is normal and regular, im using a 6d mark ii, in a room with A/C so my question is, a recomenden time of use as webcam? or can use tp stream long hours?

Product Expert
Product Expert


Hello, John Hill


For further assistance with your inquiry about open source software used with the EOS Webcam Utility, please call in to our technical support team at 1-800-652-2666, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET and Saturday between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm ET.

Does Canon have plans on adding the G7X Mark II, as a supported model for webcam utility?
Robert Jackonb
Not applicable

My images are reversed. The EOS text is backwards and all the test in my videos are backwards. Is this a camera settings or a conferencing software setting?

Not applicable

I have a 7D, how do I record the video while using the Webcam utility?

Not applicable

Installed EOS Webcam utility. Restarted my computer, turned on Rebel T6i in video mode, shows USB with a red X on all of my apps. Help😩

Established Member

Is there a way to get rid of the black bars on the sides of the image? I have my Rebel T6 set to 1920x1080(30), as it suggests in the setup guide, but still get the bars. Thanks! 



Not applicable

Hello! (Rebel t6i)


I can't find the EOS Webcam Utility app after the installation.

In "device manager" it says I have the software installed, but when I open OBS or Streamlabs it can't find the camera device.

I have been looking for a solution for 4 days, but still nothing.





Not applicable

Hi EOS Webcam Utility support team,


any chance you can please forward a request to developers to include EOS 550d into list of supported cameras?


Thank you a lot!

Not applicable

Will you be adding support for more applications? Specifically interested in Facetime. A version for iPads would be great too, considering cross-compiliation is possible.

Not applicable
by EricG
on ‎11-14-2020 09:45 AM

Will you be adding support for more applications? Specifically interested in Facetime. A version for iPads would be great too, considering cross-compiliation is possible.


Sorry didn't realize I was reading the Windows FAQ.

Not applicable


It does not appear that the webcam utility will work over Citrix Receiver sessions.  


I have a Canon EOS R6, which works well overall, but when connecting to a Windows host over a Citrix session, applications such as WebEx on the remote host will be unable to display video from the Webcam utility device (although other standard webcams will work without issue).  I am assuming the Canon EOS utlility is DirectShow compatible.  Any idea if this is a known issue or if any fix/workaround is available?


Thank you


Andre Dourado
Not applicable

It doesn't appear EOS WEBCAM option in Zoom nor Skype.


In Quick Time ir appears a black screen with a red cross and USB port. I don't think my usb cable is damage because i used to upgrade the Canon M50 firmware first and worked





My webcam image from my 700D  is mirrored using the basic app. straight after installation. It then remains mirriored in apps like Skype and zoom.  I've tried reinstalling..

How to fix?

Not applicable

Microsoft Teams is not recognizing EOS camera. I only get the default camera option. I have tried with OBS and NDI with the same issue. 

Marius G
Not applicable



My Canon USB cable is too short - I need the camera to stay on my desk while using it as a webcam, while the PC unit is under the desk. I tried a longer regular miniUSB-to-USB cable (which works for transferring photos), but it doesn't work with the webcam software. Do you know of any Canon USB cable that's longer and that works with the webcam utility?





Not applicable

EOS 1DX (the original) - can't focus or change settings while USB attached. The FAQs say you can operate the dials and buttons on the camera even while video streaming with the USB cable attached. However, whenever I touch any dial or button all I get is a flashing "Busy" indicator on the top LCD panel display. This happens whenever the USB Cable is attached even if I'm NOT doing any video streaming. If I wish to change any setting I have to detach the USB cable, change the setting, and then re-attach. This is especially a big problem because I can't press the shutter button halfway down to do autofocus, I have to set the focus first and then attach the cable. So during the meeting I have to be very careful and sit in the same place, if I move much I go out of focus. Any thoughts?


Mode: P

AF Drive: AI Servo (I've also done One Shot without success)

LV: Movies

AF Mode: Live Mode

Product Expert
Product Expert



Greetings, Joeomar


I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to adjust the auto focus while your EOS 1D X camera is attached to your computer with the USB cable. You are correct to where the FAQ does show that you can operate other dials and buttons even while video streaming with the USB cable connected. There may be some camera models which may not have the option to adjust settings while the camera is connected with the USB cable and I do apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, I will submit your feedback with this issue you're experiencing.


If you do need further assistance with the EOS Webcam Utility software, you may reach out to our phone support team at 1-800-652-2666, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST and Saturday between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm EST. If you call please have the repair number available to provide to the representative.

Collin Nitcher
Not applicable

Hello. I am attempting to use the utility with a Canon 60D. I am having the same problem I have seen a few other people have and thought I would share in hopes of a bug fix. 


I have the utility downloaded and the beta uninstalled. My computer has been restarted many times. The camera is in video mode. No other applications are running and using the camera feed. 


Would love insight on how to troubleshoot or for updates if a bug fix comes out. Thank you!

Travis bourbeau
Not applicable

Thanks for the app looks brilliant but while connected with canon 5dsr in zoom sessions the driver is somehow constantly freezes as if buffering after 10 minutes then reseting the network loosing connection. Im using the nitghthawke netgear router and modem and have reset and worked through with netgear tech as well as spectrum. The issue only happens in confrence software is being used with the camera and routninley drops within 5 to ten minutes. Bandwith on service is at 300mbps so speed shouldnt be the issue? any help or forum threads dealing with this are a big help.




Not applicable

The EOS Webcam Utility works well with my 5D IV. However, my 6D cannot autofocus with it. My 6D:

  • has the latest firmware (1.1.9)
  • is in video mode (Manual or AV)
  • face recognition autofocus is selected in Live View video mode
  • I’m using the provided Canon USB cable that came with my 6D
  • Running Windows 10
  • Tried both the Canon 50mm 1.8 STM and the Canon EF 85mm 1.2 II USM. It’s the same story with both lenses. Both work great with the 5D IV, but they don’t have autofocus with the 6D unless I manually press the AF-ON button.


My 5D Iv tracks my face perfectly. My 6D does not. On my 6D, I need to manually press the AF-ON button on the back of the camera (impossible to do during a video conference), and then it focuses perfectly.

What am I doing wrong?

mostafa mahmoud
Not applicable

are this program free or not ?

Not applicable

Do i need to have a card in the card skot to operate as a webcam?

Alfredo Medrano
Not applicable

Does the eos webcam utility support eos digital rebel xs?


eu tenho a camera eos rebel t7, fiz o download tudo certinho e conectei ela no cabo, mas quando eu tento utilizar ela no OBS aparece a imagem abaixo.

2020-11-26.pngalguem sabe o que pode ser? ja fiz de tudo, re-instalei, ja vi se tem outro app que esta utilizando a camera e não achei nada.

se alguem conseguir me ajudar ficarei muito feliz.

Established Member

First off, this EOS webcam utility is AWESOME, but I am only able to get it working on one of two models.  Things work just fine with an EOS 70D, but I'm also trying to use an EOS 5D Mark III.  Both cameras appear to have the same mini-usb connector, I was using one I had lying around.  The 5D Mark III is recognized, but I get a little red triangle with an exclamation point showing up for the video.  I'm wondering if not all models will work, and I happen to have an older incompatible model?  I was also thinking that it might just be that it doesn't like the USB cable (even though it works fine for the 70D), and I note the compatible accessory chart lists IFC-150U II for the cable to use with a 5D Mark III, except that this would seem to be a type B micro USB 3.0 connector (i.e., the one that's a bit wider and has a notch)... I bought a compatible  IFC-150U II thinking there was a port on the Mark III that I hadn't spotted (I think I was looking at the HDMI port), but there is no such port on this camera!


So I'm looking for an answer, or a solution.  Are there multiple versions of the 5D Mark III?  Is there any chance that this will work?  Note that I've updated to the 1.1 release of the windows driver sofware that came out a few weeks ago. Hope that someone can help!


EDIT: I now have the EOS 5 Mark III working... I believe the trick is to have an SD card in the camera, otherwise nothing works.  I also updated to latest firmware though I don't think this was necessary.  The full frame sensor quality and field of view is great, though I now note that there are no servo autofocus features for the Mark III and that a Mark IV would be better in this respect.  I'm not sure there is any easy way to get the camera to refocus without pressing the button.  The hard way is to take over communication to the EF lens and do it yourself!


Drew Pruitt
Not applicable

I downloaded and installed the EOS Webcam Utility, however, when I installed the camera via USB, the camera remains busy and never lets me change and setting via the touch interface on the M50.  When I unplug the USB on the pc the camera immediately works again. What is the issue?  I have tried different USB ports and cables.  Thanks for any suggestions.

Established Member

The cannon webcam utilty was working just fine for me, i use it for school video calls when i got off for break (last day was november 20th) i stoped using it untill yessterday day. When i try to use it it shows th at there is no device connected screen, I have tried to reinstalling and restart my pc. I have tried differnt usb ports but still no luck.Capture.JPG

Product Expert
Product Expert



Greetings, Bobodaboss


When the red "X" with a symbol of a white USB cable appears on the video conferencing software it is due to an issue with the USB connection between the camera and your computer.


You state you have checked different USB ports on your computer. I would suggest to disconnect the cable and reconnect it to the camera. If possilbe, you may try testing a different USB cable.

Also, let's check to make sure that the wireless feature on the camera is disabled if the camera is Wi-Fi capable. If Wi-Fi is enabled, even if it's not currently in use, it will disable the USB port on the camera.

If it's still not working, then let's test to see if the EOS Webcam Utility does work with your camera on a different computer to see if it may be a setting on your computer which is preventing the EOS Webcam Utility from seeing the camera.

If the problem persists, then I would recommend to reach out to our phone support team for further troubleshooting. Their phone number is 1-800-652-2666 and are available Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET.

Not applicable

Will the G7X mark II be added to the list of compatible cameras?


Sergio Sodre
Not applicable

Fiz o download do aplicativo para windows, porem nãop reconheçe a minha canon T6 

Not applicable

Im using the webcam utility on windows 10 and the Eos Rebel T7. OBS and zoom recognize the webcam software because when I activate or deactivate the camera I hear it click. The problem is that I am getting a "black screen" even when no other program is using the camera. I will turn off zoom and the screen is black in OBS. I turn off OBS and its black in zoom. I double checked to confirm that they are closed by doubble clicking on the tool bar. What can I do to correct this?

Product Expert
Product Expert



Greetings, PaulW


If a black screen is seen when trying to use the EOS Webcam Utility, then it indicates that the EOS Webcam Utility is in
use by a different program. We recommend to either close the other application that is also using EOS Webcam Utility or choose another video source in that application such as your built-in camera.


If you are using a Mac comptuer, and double-clicking on the tool bar, it may be minimizing the app instead of fully closing it. We would recommend to restart your computer and only open one application to use with the EOS Webcam Utiity. Please also make sure that there are no other video conferencing apps running in the background.


In case you do need further assistance with your EOS Rebel T7 and the EOS Webcam Utility, feel free to reach out to our Technical Support Team at 1-800-652-2666, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET and Saturday between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm ET.

Not applicable
Hi, I would use canon eos utility for use my reflex like a webcam. I buy a hdmi cable but PC don't read the reflex.
It work only with my monitor
Mate Ungvari
Not applicable

I am using eos webcam utility on my Dell AIO and MBP16 with no errors. Used them for teaching for a number of days. Do anyone have idea, that how can I use it on my Microsoft Surface Pro X (Windows 10 on ARM).
I have to travel and I cannot use my desktop those days.

Thank is advance!

Not applicable
same issue as above. EOS webcam utility with USB cable and red X. computer recognizes my camera every time i plug and unplug the camera but i still get the error message.
Established Member

Camera keeps stating “press <📷> to activate movie shooting” when trying to use webcam utility.


Camera: 80D

Power On

Setting: Video

Windows 10


Connects works fine for about two minutes. At that time the camera shuts down and displays this message: “press <📷> to activate movie shooting” when trying to use webcam utility."




* How to stop this so duration needed for web conferencing is possible

* what is <📷> ?





Thomas Hofmann
Not applicable


on the list of supported cameras I can't find the Rebel XSi. Is this real or did I miss something? In other words is there in real no way to use the Rebel XSi as webcam?

Thanks in advance. Thomas

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Thomas Hofmann


At this time the EOS Rebel XSi is not a camera that the EOS Webcam Utility supports. We appreciate feedback on updates to our cameras and software customers would like to see. We have a team that documents and handles customer feedback. I have already alerted them to this email, but if you want to contact them directly in the future they can be reached by going to our website HERE and selecting Feedback in the top left corner of the site. We do take customer suggestions and feedback into consideration when we are updating our products and processes.


We are not notified to future software, firmware, or hardware updates prior to them being officially announced by Canon. If you would like to be notified about updates you can also set your email preferences in your Canon account to receive EOS News. If you want to see a full list of currently supported cameras that is available HERE.

Not applicable

hi. i am trying to use my canon eos 90d with streamlabs obs and its not allowing me. i get the error message as if the camera is not plugged in


Bill Simpson
Not applicable

I have the Webcam Utility installed and working beautifully with my Canon T6i and Macbook Pro. I can use it pretty much in anything. (Zoom, OBS etc.) 


Here's my issue. I use this to teach classes that last anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours. However every 30 minutes the liveview shutter cuts off and back on. Students see my video replaced by a "EOS Webcam Utility" fail image for about 2 sec then my video returns. Although this has been a manageable issue when leveraged against the far superiour quality of my Rebel T6i over the logi webcam I was using, I still would LOVE to stop this from happening.


Any ideas?



Product Expert
Product Expert



Greetings, kaylakay


If the red "X" with a symbol of a white USB cable is appearing on the video conferencing software when trying to use the EOS Webcam Utility with your camera, then it may be an issue with the USB connection between the camera and your computer.


Please check that your cameras USB cable is properly connected both the camera-side and the computer. I would also suggest to have you check the battery or power adapter that provides power to the camera.


Let's also check to make sure that the wireless feature on the camera is disabled. If Wi-Fi is enabled, even if it's not currently in use, it will disable the USB port on the camera.

We would recommend to connect the camera directly to the USB port on your computer in case you are using a USB hub where different devices connect to the computer. If possible, try testing a different USB cable and a different USB port on the computer. I would also recommend to test the EOS Webcam Utility on a different computer to help in determining if it may be something on your computer or not.


If you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to contact our phone support team for further assistance. They can be reached at at 1-800-652-2666, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET and Saturday between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm ET.

Ted Hallum
Not applicable

Please coordinate with Nvidia to get EOS Webcam Utility support within the Nvidia Broadcast app.


This is badly needed. Thank you!


I'd like to mount the EOS M50 inverted and use as a webcam...but, when I try to do this with the current version of the EOS webcam utility, the video signal arrives upside down on my computer (and there's apparently no way to flip the image right side up).


The EOS Webcam Driver should have a setting to permit vertical flipping of the image if the camera is mounted upside down!


The EOS Webcam Utility needs support within the Nvidia Broadcast app!

Justin V
Not applicable

Hi i  have the Canon EOS Rebel T100 and i  have  followed the steps for EOS webcam  utility and i keep getting the same X with the USB picture behind it... i have tried to install twice buit  no fix. anyone else have this problem?  i tried all usb ports on my PC also so i have no idea what it could  be.  also disabled my wifi function too. PLS HELP

Not applicable

Douse this sofware work with the EOS 4000D?