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iOS DppExpress select all feature


Is there a way to select all photos in DppExpress on the iphone? I take a lot of photos in a given day and enjoy the mobile workflow from dppexpress to lightroom mobile. But deleting photos after import is painful, you have to select each one individually. Is there a better way or is this a new feature request?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi techgnomatic,

Thanks for checking in with us.

You may have noticed on the top right of the app, there's an option that says SELECT. This will allow you to select multiple images at a time by tapping on the circle for each image.

If you want to leave feedback about the app, you can do so by visiting and selecting FEEDBACK in the top right corner of the site.

Right the missing feature is to select all photos with a single click or all photos by day with a single click. Both are available in the Canon CameraConnect app.