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I've had my R5 for awhile and this canon app. Downloading to iPhone via wifi or bluetooth has been ATROCIOUS. Now before people start with all the "troubleshoot solutions"... Everything update wise, IOS wise, app update wise, wifi and cell connection is all perfect and zero issues on my end. Yet this app is multi personality when it comes to connecting, then disconnecting, then telling me to reconnect everything every 5 seconds. Or when it finally connects it will either shut off my download within 30 seconds, or take 2 hours to download a 2 minute video....this app makes me regret dropping 4-5k on this high quality camera. Wondering if I should just switch to Sony so I don't spend an hour+ hassling with this app and it's connection and download issues

anyone else experience this? HUGE let down by canon. I've had other cameras in the past too from them and their app issues are also prominent (I understand their protocol and automatic online bot/help protocol is to say "I'm here to help with troubleshooting" but it's a massive flaw with their app for a year+ now)

for a company net worth of $20+ billion USD, they could use a restructure on their app, cause it seems like an intern put it together real talk



So which of several apps are you referring to?

Rising Star

Why are you even using an app?  I have several Canon cameras (R5C, C70 and recently R5) and I've never used an app to get the photos and videos off.  I just don't see any point.  Just copy them off the card -- they're just files, there's no magic there.