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EOS R5 & R6 How to gauge number of shots and focus increments for bracketing


When using the focus bracketing feature in an EOS R5 or R6 I have to select the number of shots and the focus increments. Its two points I have almost no ideas of what to choose.
I hope for a firmware update that will let me choose the closest point of focus and the end point of focus. Then by my choice of aperture the camera will calculate the needed focus increments and the number of needed shots.
Will it be possible? In the future of cause.



I think your suggestion makes a lot of sense, but given that the EOS R6 has already been replaced by the EOS R6 Mark II and the EOS R5 appears to be due for replacement, I don't expect Canon will develop new functions in firmware for these cameras.

In my experience with the focus bracketing feature on these cameras, if you set a lot of shots then the camera stops when the lens reaches infinity even if the requested number of shots have not been captured. Of course this does mean you may have more shots than needed. The focus increment is a strange value, given that the camera determines this partly based on the current aperture and lens. Again my experience is that the default setting of 4 seems to work well for all kinds of uses with macro lens and others. 

Brian - Canon specialist trainer, author and photographer
I use British not American English, so my spellings may be a little different to yours