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Multiple Cameras for one computer!!!!

Hello, I have two Canon M50s, I would like to use them with OBS as different videos sources with the webcam utility, how do I do this, when I plaug them both in one just cancels out the other. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Digital Photo professional 4 not repsonding

I had lately constant freezing of the "Digital Photo Professional 4" running on Windows 10. This would occur after a "Convert and Save" opretation. The windows app goes grey with the message "not responding" in the window title bar. Having myself sof...


zoombrowser no longer sees my camera

Windows 10. Cannon PowerShotA2500. Some time back zoombrowser stopped running automatically when I plugged in my camera so I'd use 'acquire and camera settings' in zoombrowser to see and load my pictures. Today zoombrowser claims the camera is not co...

tlbranth by Apprentice
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Powershot SX530HS as a webcam either USB OR HDMI OUT

Powershot SX530HS as a webcam either USB OR HDMI OUT Can anyone know a custom firmware to allow videout to a capture device or how to use the USB WEBCAM UTILITY with this camera. I've seen older models work and this one seems to not work as a HDMI OU...

Digital Photo Professional 4 - Pink rectangles

Hi! I am a quite recent user of DDP 4, and after few days editing some RAW pictures I noticed that some images are "corrupted?". I noticed this after trying to export several .CR2 files into JPEG. Some of the exported images were containing pink rect...

Screenshot1.png Screenshot2.png Screenshot3.png
piponazo by Apprentice
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.JPG Downloaded from Internet Green

Greetings,Have a strange anomoly in DPP.  Tested with versions 4.12.20 and 4.12.60.  File grabbed from the Ibis website on the web.  Displays correctly in other software.  Trying to figure out what DPP is interpreting incorrectly (white balance, colo...

DPP_4.png mojo HD5.jpg

unable to use Digital Professional Photo 4

Version Purchased 2014-2017 No upgrades yetIm using a software ArtRage 6 to create my own art work. When I was saving my art work I was able to save it to Digital Professional Photo 4, so that when I went to print on my Canon Pixma Pro-100 t...

wardb1 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Tethered; saving both in camera & laptop? EOS Utility 3

Updated to Eos Utility 3 on a Mac 10.9.4 using either a 5d or 6d with a USB cord.  I can' find where in EOS Utility I can set it to record the file both to the laptop as well as in camera cards(CF or SD)?  There is not the normal check box under Remo...

archfotos by Contributor
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thumbnail preview and information stored Raw image

Hi guys, I need a little help here. I have noticed that for some reasons, the images that I took on my RP dont have preview image but instead it shows as incon on my raw image as you see in red circled. I figured that because I was only shooting with...

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 9.37.35 AM.png
kai64 by Apprentice
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