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R6 does not connect to EOS Utility 3 on Mac OS Ventura

Hi, I can't connect my Canon EOS R6 to my MacBook Air M1 through EOS Utility 3. I used it in the past, but after Mac OS update to Ventura it doesn't work. I have the newest firmware in the camera, the Utility is also updated to the newest version(I t...

tadypetr by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

EOS T7i lens firmware update issues

Hello all, so just today I was updating my EOS 80D and our two EOS T7i’s. Firmware updates for all three cameras went well with zero issues. I then went to update the lens firmware for both T7i’s and with the SD card in I would select the lens firmwa...

EOS M50 Mark II My recordings won't transfer??

So I recently recorded about 3 hours worth of footage in 30-minute intervals on a Canon EOS M50 Mark II, as it only records in 30 minute intervals, which is fine. The problem I'm having is that out of 6 recordings, I can only seem to transfer 3 from ...

cb265981 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

EOS R6 Video keeps changing positioning

My Gear and Software:Canon EOS R6Canon EOS UtilityMacbook Pro 2022Camtasia Video-Editing SoftwareI create videos for work in a home studio (i.e., the camera is on a tripod and never moves), and it’s just me talking while looking at the camera. I crea...

Why is DPP so slow processing CRAW .CR3 images?

I'm shooting with new R6MK2 (and struggled to find a newly updated DPP to process images).  I  noticed immediately how tremendously slow .CR3 (using CRAW compression) take to batch process convert to JPG v .CR2 images.  Note that Lap 1 in the first p...

IMG-8296.PNG Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 11.17.39 AM.png
dpylypi by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Adobe Elements will not read video files from EOS R10

I have been unable  to have Adobe Elements access my videos from my new EOS R10.  Adobe Photoshop has no problems downloading/editing my photos. The videos are transferred in MP4 format and the software says it can not read it due to an encoding issu...

MarkH2 by Apprentice
  • 7 replies
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