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Latest manuals for DPP and R-series bodies unavailable.


Hello folks,

Trying to download latest manuals for both Digital Photo Pro SW and camera body. The download page presents a link to the online HTML version(s) as well as a link to "Download Software" which just loops back to support pages.

The online version is fine if I am sitting at my desktop doing homework. When I am in the field, however, i really need a local version as I do not always have Internet access, to say nothing of high speed.

Really need a "portable" version I can access offline. This capability seems to have disappeared some months ago. Can anyone offer a solution here?

Thanks in advance,


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Bad Junk,

The current version of the Digital Photo Professional 4 manual is only available in HTML format. If you need a link to that manual it is available HERE. We recommend saving the manual page as a favorite in your web browser so you can reference it more quickly.

PDF versions of R series cameras are available. To send a link to the PDF version of your manual we would need to know what model you have.

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for the response. I am looking for the PDF manual for the EOS R body. A link to that file would be great.

Bummer to hear the DPP manual is not available offline. I frequently catch up on my reading offline and don't always have a good data connection.


We recommend registering all your Canon gear in your My Canon Account. Once you've done that, you'll see your My Canon Account becomes a centralized repository for all of the most up-to-date software and manuals that pertain only to your Canon equipment. You can sign up or sign in at


Thanks for the recommendation.


Rising Star

For DPP, the manual seems to be online only.  But I guess I don't know why you would need to consult it in the field...?

For the camera body, check the support page.  Sadly you forgot to mention what camera you have; but if it's the R5, the US support page has the manual in PDF format:

(Scroll down to EOS R5 Advanced User Guide (PDF))

Hi AtticusLake,

While I am never actually using DPP away from my desktop, I am frequently offline when I am catching up on my reading.

I do now see the manual for the R body. Latest version appears to be from DEC 2019.

Thanks folks,