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SX50 HS and Camera Window

I have a SX50 HS and have installed the latest version of Camera window.  I am using Windows 10.  The camera window sees the camera and can even view the photos but when I try to import the photos I get a error meassage (Import Failed). Anyone have a...

wendallb by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

DPP 4 problem

Hi, I have a wierd problem with DDP 4, the floating tool palette has sudenly stopped showing properly, it shows up as just a thin line not the full palett (as seen in the screen capture below) I have tried uninstalling & re-installing but it is still...

2015-09-30_141451 b.jpg
jm2 by Contributor
  • 17 replies

Best Post Processing Software

this question has been beat to death, I know but I thought I would state my specific case and see if its worth changing.from Affinity Photo photo editing software. i have a Canon 70D and a 5D Mark III. I am still in the intermediate stages of learnin...

I need an RGB->CMYK converter.

I generally use an image editor called GIMP. It's free but it does not include a CMYK converter. My camera is a Canon Rebel T-3i which does not have a CMYK setting as far as I can see. I am a musician and I am using my own photography for my backgrou...

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