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Resolved! Why does DPP4 crop my images when opening them?

When I open a CR3 image in DPP4 version, the image appears to have been cropped, that is ~5% of the top, bottom, LHS & RHS is missing with no way to retrieve it. Do I have an incorrect setting or have others had this problem?

Paul-1553 by Contributor
  • 19 replies

Canon EOS M compatibility with Windows 11

Hello. I bought a CANON EOS M back in 2014 and haven't used it for a few years. Now I'd like to do some video recordings where I could monitor the picture from my laptop. I tried connecting the camera to my Windows 11 laptop using USB cable, but Wind...

EOS R3 Canon Camera Connect on Android - filename change

Hi! Can someone please help me with this one. I am using Canon Camera Connect to download photos from my R3 to my Samsung Android phone. I have come across a strange problem in which the original R3 filenames are changed when downloaded to the phone....

EOS Utility 2 download for Canon Rebel Xsi

Hello, I can not find a way to download utility 2 for my camera. On the Canon website, there is no option to select the Rebel Xsi as my product. I downloaded the most recent version of EOS Utility from the Canon website, but Utility 2 is not present ...

Updating EOS R50 firmware

When trying to update the firmware on this EOS R50 with the firmware on the memory card the camera tells me this. Update camera firmwareCurrent firmware version is1.0.0.Update firmware After clicking OK it tells me this. Update file cannot be foundPl...

Resolved! DPP4 What do "Show AF point" messages mean?

WHAT DOES DPP4 MEAN BY THIS PHRASE?On page 22 of the current instruction manual for DPP4 (version 4.18.10) the text says a user can view an image's AF points on a computer display in either of two configurations.  Those two are (1) "Show only AF poin...

R5 firmware 1.9.0

Early last week I upgraded my R5 from 1.8.1 to 1.9.0.  I would like to reinstall the 1.8.1 firmware. How do I do this?The reason is Friday night I shot a football game (R5, RF 70-200, f2.8, 1/1000, ISO auto, over 1000 frames). With the game over I tu...

EOS Webcam Utility Not Working in my PC

Hello, I have a problem with EOS Webcam Utility on my PC. It only displays the EOS Webcam Utility logo. I have tried reinstalling it multiple times, but it still remains like that. The operating system I'm using is Windows 10. Is there anyone who can...

Cuplikan layar 2023-10-02 110346.png

Resolved! Win10 (and EOS Webcam Utility) does not detect EOS 1300D

Hi,I have tried several times this month to get the connection to work, without success.I have an EOS 1300D with the original cable (so it is ok for data transfers) and original battery. If I connect it to the PC with the cable nothing happens, it is...

GianMi by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Canon EOS R5 refuses pairing to my computer via Wi-Fi

Using EOS Utility (EOS software), i'd like to import images from the camera, control the camera, and perform other operations via Wi-Fi (Not via USB-C cable).My Wi-Fi network is pretty stable.On the camera I follow these steps :1 - I select Wi-Fi/Blu...

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thomas83 by Contributor
  • 5 replies

EOS Webcam Utility only shows EOS Webcam Utility logo

I can't get the EOS Webcam Utility to show a preview image and it also doesn't work with Zoom.  All I get is a screen with a black background and the words EOS Webcam Utility.  I'm using Windows 11, Canon 70D connected to laptop with an HDMI cable.

cfrank01 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies
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