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USB Tethering Connection Repeated Loss on EOS Rebel T5




I'm desperate for help.  I've been using my Rebel T5 for several years with minimal tethering connection issues.  When switching to Windows 10 earlier this year, I would get occasional connection losses that have gotten progressively worse.  It's now to the point where the connection drops before I am able to take the first picture.


I'm on Windows 10 pro.  Today I uninstalled the EOS software and DPP.  To reinstall the EOS, I had to use the CD that came with the camera, and then I ran the EOS updater and am running  Same issue:  I turn the camera on, software auto-runs, I choose "Camera Settings/Remote Shooting" and as soon as I lift the camera, it times out/loses the connection.  I've used standard USB cords of varying lengths and have also tried a Tethertools cord, all to no avail.  Also, autopower off is disabled.


I also learned today that my assistant is not having the same issue on her computer, using the same operating system and same installation, but the software was installed from the CD several months ago.


I'd be grateful for any help.  I'd also like to know if something like the CamRanger2 could solve the problem






":as I lift the camera, it times out/loses the connection. "


What happens if you don't lift the camera and just let it sit there?


Reason I ask - maybe the camera terminal is loose and when you move camera you lose signal.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

Hi John,


Thanks very much for asking the question.  I'll give that a try in a bit.


I doubt that is the issue as we use the same cords with my assistant's computer and she only occasionally loses the connection.


But: if the terminal was loose--would you please let me know how I would confirm and/or fix that?




By taping down the conector with gaffers tape and see if that helps.

Thanks very much, KV!  Will try this as well and report back, though it may not be today.

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