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EOS Utility connection lost



This seems to be a somewhat common issue.  I've tried the ideas i have seen in threads/forums and am still having no luck.

I am wanting to tether remotely ideally via the cable I bought between my Windows 11 laptop (bought for this reason!) and my Canon 5d MKiV.  Brand new tethering cable, brand new laptop, new-ish camera and latest versions / patches and software (I believe).

When i plug in my camera or turn it on the EOS utility starts up and identifies Canon 5d MKIV then makes a sound (disconnect noise) and then shuts down.  

There is a connection since I can browse the camera in windows explorer and folders and see the files.  If windows explorer tries to read the raw file and draw a thumbnail it disconnects again and makes the disconnect noise.


I have disabled wifi on the camera.

This is driving me insane and it shouldnt be this hard in 2023 right 🙂

Help please!

Thanks in advance


EU-Installset-W3.16.11.2 is the EOS utility version




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi AshSowter,

Thanks for checking in with us. Diagnosing computer issues can be tricky on a forum thread, but here are some setup suggestions that might help:

* If it is not there already, make sure the camera is plugged into a USB on the back of your computer. The front USB ports can be a little weaker sometimes.
* Since you're having problems downloading, disconnect all other devices except the keyboard, mouse, and camera from the computer.
* Close any other programs you have open and exit out of any image-related or printer-related programs in the system tray, found in the bottom right corner of your computer screen. If you don't see the program icons, look for a small triangle by the time display. Click that and you should see the icons. You should be able to close them by right clicking the icons and selecting the exit option.

If you still don't get a response from the computer, let's check the Device Manager:

On your version of Windows, you should be able to access the Device Manager by pressing the WIN and X keys on your keyboard. In the Power User Menu that comes up, you should see a listing for DEVICE MANAGER.


Does the camera or an Unknown Device appear, and if so, does it have a "?" or "!" displayed with its description?

If so, right click on the camera icon and select uninstall. When it finishes uninstalling, turn your camera off. Wait a few seconds then turn it on. A window should come up that says FOUND NEW HARDWARE DEVICE, keep clicking the NEXT button, until it finishes. Then see if you can connect to your camera once again.

If you see another camera, like a webcam, listed in the Device Manager, right click on it and select DISABLE. It is possible that you are getting interference from that device. When you are done with your tests, you can reactivate it by right clicking on it and selecting ENABLE.

Should problems persist, you may wish to call us at 1 (800) OK-Canon (800-652-2666). While the times for phone support are subject to change, I have the current times listed as between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday or 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET on Saturday. If you call close to when we open or close, there is usually not much of a wait.