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Problems with Camera Connect App


 My son has a nice Canon Camera and one of the reaons he picked this one is that he can control it from his phone.


He has the latest version of the Camer Connect on his phone and everything seems to be working but it is slow to respond, freezes often and sometimes just crashes.   He has an iPhone 6 and it works fine otherwise.


Any advice?



I have an EOS rebel T6i camera.  I have downloaded the app and used it a few times.  I am now having trouble connecting the camera and the app.  It either won't show that i have pictures or only displays 3 of them.  


I have deleted the app and started over.  It is doing the same thing.  I am not sure where to go from here.  Then the app will just turn itself off and say "not connected" when my setting says I'm still connected to the wi-fi that I have named.  


Any help would be SO appreciated!

Camera Connect is the worst app on the face of the earth, or anywhere  else for that matter. I use it with an iPhone and an iPad, but every once in a while it zaps out and I have to reconfigure and that can be a nightmare. 


If you just want to view and save/email photos on your iPad or iPhone, just get one of these. about $30 at an Apple store or Best Buy, or less than half that on eBay (but thosae would be non OEM so I don't know how they work). It's flawless. Of course, it is just for saving to  your phone or iPad so it is in a different league than Camera Connect. But at least it WORKS all the time as opposed to some of the time.s-l1600.jpg

I am having a camera connect app problem too. I have the latest version of the app downloaded. I have my Samsung connected to my Canon SX530, and everything seems to be working great. However, when I try to download photos from my camera to my phone by using the app it fails to download everytime. I even try to reduce the size or try original jpeg size but still no successful download.


Greetings all;

  SO I have been having a problem connecting my Canon SX-530 to my iPhone 6s IOS 12.1.2 via my LAN.  I can connect to my camera directly from my phone using the camera built in WIFI.  I was able to, at one time in the past connect via my network.


  I have gone ahead and reset the WIFI connection within the camera.  I have reinstalled the app on my phone.  All works but not through my WIFI.  SInce I have an upgraded router I am thinking the IP port the camera uses needs to be opened in the router.  NO WHERE can I find this information on the Canon website.  Specifications are very light when it comes to any network specifications.


  If someone could shed some light on this problem I'd greatly appriciate it.





Did you find a solution?  I just purchased an SL2 and have the exact same problem.

Still waiting for a response.

I was able to resolve my issue but not where I would have expected.  Turns out that my WIFI router had an update to the firmware.  I downloaded it, installed it and resolved my issues.



@kzimmerm wrote:

Still waiting for a response.


The only "solution" is to disconnect the app from your camera, connect again, go to the "wifi" signals on your smartphone while tapping your shutter release over and over again, and hope the EOSXXX signal pops up. Tap on it, and pray that it does not ask you for a password. If it does ask for a password, SOMETIMES you will see it on your camera, but it is more likely that there will be no such thing. But if you persist long enough (could be days - only a SLIGHT exaggeration), eventually you will connect by way of a check mark next to the EOSXXX designation among your wifi list of signals. At that point, go to your Camera Connect app and sometimes, after a delay of up to 45-60 seconds, you will be able to see on your smartphone the photos that are your camera. If you get that far, it works great. I have connected with my phone AND my iPad, although many will tell you that it does not work with an iPad. Then after that, if any time lapses after using the app, you can only connect again by disconnecting on your camera, connecting again, and repeat the above process. But sooner or later, you will have to endure a lost connection than cannot be restored without many, many attempts.


I bought an 80d about 3 years ago and this procedure has never failed me, but you have to be patient and do a lot of communicating with Jesus & Co whilst persisting in a very painfil endeavor. If I was not retired, I would never waste my time using this piece of crap app. And don't waste your time using the "instructions" you are invited to follow on the app. At least for me, they bear no resemblance to what I see on my camera, and that was true the day I bought it - brand new.


Obviously, Canon has no interest in customer service on this one. This is verified by the numbers of complaints you can find on the Internet. I've actually talked with some of their experts, and believe me, while I am a modest person, I can say without fear of contradiction that know much more than the twits I spoke with about this vomitous app. I get the impression that they are in training, and that it's not going very well.


Good luck. You will need it.

Thanks I will try it.  Canon Connect is the reason I upgraded 😞

I just updated my reply to hopefully make it a little clearer.
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