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My DPP4 having worked fine now just crashes on opening



I am not a computer geek so it may just be me but having used DPP4 on windows 10 Intel chip based desktop with lots of ram and lots of disk space for a couple of years and its been fine (but I have not used DPP4 for a few months) suddenly halfway through converting images from Raw to JPEG after a recent trip  DPP4 shut down and every time i try to open it it just shuts  (images taken on 5d mk3)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no effect I have tried downloading on a laptop same thing happens

Please can anyone tell me what to do to get it to work again



That seems to have fixed the problem 

Thanks for the suggestion

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One computer?  If there is something wrong (corrupt) files in the directory DPP is pointed at when opening, it might close unexpectedly.

If this is happening on 2 different computers, that's another story.  Try reviewing the event viewer to see if there is additional info related to the program closing unexpectedly.  

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Cant see why it shut down does anyone know if there has been a recent update which is causing my problem


I am running on a W10 computer. No problems.

Also running on an Intel MacBook Air with no problems.

I suggest you uninstall DPP4, download the free version of CCleaner and run a registry clean. Then reinstall DPP4.

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That seems to have fixed the problem 

Thanks for the suggestion